Friday, December 15, 2017

Perry Cossack Wagon

Russian munitions wagons, built from scratch by Ed Phillips.

Now that I have set all of my Russians and Prussians out on the table, I can determine what items are missing to complete the armies for the Zorndorf game.

The Russians have no munitions wagons or limber team sets and I need to paint the generals as well. Actually, I have plenty of ammo wagons, both 2-wheel and 4-wheel versions, that were hand built by Ed Phillips. Click on the picture above to enlarge the view of these awesome models. I need to paint draft horses and riders to pull the wagons along the road.

The Perry Miniatures Napoleonic figure range has some very nice Russian wagons that easily fit with my SYW army. The 4-wheel wagon driven by a peasant or Cossack could be used for nearly any period of Russian history.

Cossack style Russian supply wagon made by Perry Miniatures.

Rear view of the Cossack
The wagon model was a little bit fiddly to work with and assemble, but eventually all of the parts made sense and I was able to assemble the model. The trickiest part of the model is attaching the rope cables from the front wheel to the horse harness. I had to use a little bit of green epoxy putty to attach the wagon shaft to the horse leather work (I don't know what the names are for the various parts of the horse's equipment that attaches everything together). 

The peasant driver sits atop some meal bags, and while there is a slight indent in the bag, I thought it would be a good idea to drill a pin into the underside of the peasant's rear and attach it into another hole that I drilled into the meal bag.

I really liked the way that the wagon model turned out. Now that I have assembled one model, I have another one that should be easier to put together now that I know the ropes. The model was easy to paint and I had fun with the painting of the model.

I highly recommend adding a Cossack/Peasant wagon to your Russian SYW army.

Count Galitzen
Galitzen commanded the Russian corps that was deployed between the two grunds : Zabern Grund and the Galgen Grund. I used the Minden French colonel and used two dismounted Crann Tara Savoy officers to complete the command stand vignette.

General Galitzen

A frontal view of Count Galitzen 



  1. Agreed on the wagon, but command vignettes are more my things, and this one is great!

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  2. Galitzen... a name I know well. I used to live near Gallitzin, PA in Western Pennsylvania, named for Demetrius Gallitzin. Long story.

  3. love the Cossack wagon and the ammo caissons. very colourful.

  4. Gorgeous paint jobs, and construction! --I must finish my Kazanskiy Cuirassiers and Arkhangelogorodskiy Dragoons this weekend!
    At least they are 15mm...

  5. A very interesting and varied post, thank you.

  6. Beautiful command vignette...and I LOVE the wagon, superb!

  7. Very nice command vignette and wagon.

  8. Good work on the wagon and the officers. Very nice!