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SYW Prinz Moritz Brigade

The Prinz Moritz Brigade

Continuing with the grand review of my SYW Prussian army, I present to you the Prinz Moritz Brigade, comprised of Minden Miniatures Prussians. The brigade commander is Prinz Moritz of Anhalt Dessau, one of the Old Dessauer's sons.

My infantry brigades include two regiments, each having two battalions, two 3-pound battalion guns, and one battalion ammunition supply wagon. I am considering adding a regiment baggage wagon as well, but that is a project for the future.

Itzenplitz in front and Prinz Moritz regiment in the rear.

The two regiments in the Prinz Moritz Brigade are the Itzenplitz Regiment (IR13) and the Prinz Moritz Regiment (IR22).

The brigade is deployed in battle formation - each line consists of one of the regiments
 with both of its battalions deployed side by side.

The brigade in a column of battalions. The two battalions at the front of the column (right) are from the Itzenplitz Regiment and the two rear battalions are from the Prinz Moritz Regiment. Trailing the regiments are the two battalion guns (3-pdrs) and the regimental ammunition wagon.

Itzenplitz Regiment ("IR13")

The Itzenplitz regiment was one of the premier regiments in the army of Frederick the Great. It was also called the Donner und Blitzen regiment, so you know that they had a sense of humor way back then. Its inhaber was Major General August Friedrich von Itzenplitz, who took over the regiment in 1750, refined it and led it in the most important years of the SYW.  MG von Itzenplitz died of wounds from the battle of Kunersdorf in 1760, but the regiment retained his name.

The Itzenplitz Regiment of two battalions and one battalion gun. The colonel leads the regiment from the front, where he was expected to be.

The regiment distinguished itself at Lobositz and Prague, where it dislodged the Croats from the Lobosch and created the gap in the Austrian lines, respectively. The regiment also fought at Rossbach, Leuthen, Hochkirch, Kunersdorf, Liegnitz and Torgau. King Frederick always had a high opinion of the regiment due to its steadfastness and ranked it and the Winterfeldt regiment (IR1) in priority after the Guard regiments.

The regiment was stationed in Berlin.

Prinz Moritz Regiment ("IR22")

Prinz Moritz of Anhalt Dessau, one of the sons of Leopold of Anhalt Dessau (" the Old Dessaurer") became the inhaber of the regiment in 1741 at the outbreak of the War of the Austrian Succession, serving with distinction at Mollwitz, Hohenfriedberg and Kesselsdorf. Prinz Moritz was severely wounded at Hochkirch in 1758 and invalided out of the army, dying 18 months later.

The Prinz Moritz Regiment of two battalions.

During the SYW, the regiment was a regular part of the King's army from Lobositz to Kolin, where it suffered great losses in the latter battle.  From there, the regiment was in the Pommeranian based army that fought the Russians at Zorndorf and Paltzig. It rejoined the King's army in 1760 and fought well at Torgau and Burkersdorf.

The regiment was stationed at Stargard in Pommerania.

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  1. Extremely handsome 1/56th men and formations! I am particularly taken by the column of battalions. Your recent photographs are excellent by the way. Material for a forthcoming book or rule set perhaps?

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