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Fisher's Crossing Battle Returns & Turn 6 of the Campaign

"Traffic Jam in Catawba Town - May 1780" - thanks and a tip of the tricorn goes to Chris Gregg who touched up the original photograph by removing figure bases and replacing them with road effects, adding light and shadows where they should be, and enhancing the overall look of the picture.

Here is the original photo of the traffic jam before Chris Gregg worked his magic. Compare this picture to the one at the top of this page and examine the differences. I think that Chris did an excellent job on the photo editing. Click to enlarge this picture as well.

Battle of Fisher's Crossing Returns

British Army

The Crown forces went into the battle with 198 figures for all combat arms and suffered 36 killed or wounded, 41 captured and 121 remaining figures. Major Wemyss' capture is not included in the captured tally for the game.

The 55th Regt started the game with 32 figures and had 11 killed or wounded, but the 21 remaining figures were all captured! Unit eliminated from the campaign.

The 4th Regt started the game with 32 figures and had 12 killed or wounded and 20 captured. Unit eliminated from the campaign.

The Loyalist regiment started with 24 figures, had 13 killed or wounded, leaving 11 survivors. Since the losing side has to forfiet one SP for losing the battle, I decided to allocate that loss to the Loyalist regiment Unit eliminated from the campaign.

Continental Army

The Continental army commanded by Baron De Kalb went into battle with 195 figures (of which 52 were low quality militia troops). The Americans had casualties of 25 figures killed or wounded and non were captured.

Notable losses included the following:

1st Maryland       - 8 KW - 12 remaining
6th Maryland      - 5 KW - 19 remaining
1st Pennsylvania - 1 KW - 29 remaining
Catawba Militia  - 7 KW - 13 remaining
Mounted Militia  - 4 KW - 8 remaining

The Delaware regiment (24 figures) and 3rd SC (25 figures) and 2nd Catawba Militia reported no losses, as did the 1st & 3rd Dragoons (20 figures).

Turn Five Campaign Results
Sumter captured the Loyalist supply base at Augusta, Georgia and coupled with DeKalb's victory over Webster's Crown Forces at Catawba Town, have largely secured the Back Country as a Rebel strong hold and recruiting area. However, the British still hold Ninety Six with 3SPs under the command of Cruger.

Marion's attempt to capture Georgetown in the Tidewater region, on the coast, failed when the garrison refused to surrender. Marion's attempted siege would be lifted on the next turn when reinforcments arrived by sea from Charleston. The British reinforcements could have marched overland from Charleston, but would have risked having a battle with the Rebels. They elected to have the Royal Navy transport them by sea, so as to reinforce Georgetown without having a battle.

Banastre Tarleton is raiding in North Carolina and hoping to cut off the supply lines of Gates and De Kalb by capturing the main Rebel supply base at Hillsboro, NC where their is 1SP defending the base; or the secondary supply base at Charlotte, NC which is undefended.

Turn Six Map Moves
The map for Turn 6 is shown below:

Turn 6 Campaign Map - Click to enlarge.

British Map Moves

Tarleton - moves 3SPs one dot to Salisbury, NC in an effort to cut off De Kalb's supply line.

Webster - reduced from 7SPs to 4SPs as a result of his loss at Fisher's Crossing. He automatically moved two dots away away from the battle site to Camden, via Winnsboro. Cornwallis takes over command of Webster's remaining army.

Cornwallis - now has an army of 11SPs based in Camden, SC, where he remains this turn.

Rawdon - in Charleston with 7SPs; sends 2SPs to Georgetown

Maitland - his 2SPs in Georgetown now reinforced to 4SPs

Stewart- remains at Savannah with 6SPs

American Map Moves

Marion - falls back 2 dots with 3SPs to Kingston

Gates - holds at Cheraw with 8SPs

DeKalb - adds 1SP for his battle victory for a total of 9Sps. Sends 3SPs with Colonel Otho Williams back to Charlotte, NC to protect his supply base from Tarleton's raid. He keeps 6SPs at Catawba Town.

Williams - marches with 3SPs to Charlotte, NC

Sumter - remains at Augusta, GA with 3SPs since it is a supply base

Fort Charlotte and Hillsboro  - remain with 1SP at each location

Turn Six Results
There are no battles to fight on this turn and there are no forces that are out of supply. There was no  new Patriot Uprising in South Carolina.

We will procede with Turn Seven map moves and post the results within the next couple of days.


  1. The way you have used the traffic jam photo to head both this report and the previous one will enable anyone interested to compare and see what was involved in photoshopping the original. Glad you liked it, Jim. Chris G

    1. I will add the original picture to this post, good idea.