Monday, April 10, 2017

The Town of Altfritzenburg in Miniature

The burg of Altfritzenburg in 28mm.

This afternoon, just for the heck of it, I pulled from storage all of my European buildings for the 18th Century and put all of them on my game table. I wanted to see how they all look together if I set them up as a town or village.

View from the south side.
Most of the building models were made by Herb Gundt who, sadly, has decided to retire from the miniature model making business. There are also six older building models made by the late Ian Weekly which I commissioned around 1990. The road modules were made by me around the same time and they have held up remarkably well over the years and over many wargame battles.

I decided that I would leave the town on my game table for several weeks and start working on adding some bits and pieces that will enhance the appearance of the town. I need to work on making farm fields, find some cows to paint, maybe build a village smithy where my Minden Blacksmith can reside and a few other nicks and nacks.  I also need to populate the town with a lot more civilians, so I will be hunting down some more people to augment my Minden, Front Rank and Perry civilians. If you have any ideas on where to get more civilians, then leave a comment in the comment section at the end of this thread.

The town Kirch, Lutheran of course.

A view of the two main north-south streets in the town

the citizens have a morning chat with the Vicar.

Other citizens prefer to say hello at the Gasthaus Alter Fritz.

One of two windmills in the town.

Northern entrance to the town, from ground level.

The workers on their way to their jobs.

Morning delivery of trade goods.

Perhaps the Prussian army under King Frederick himself will set up camp outside of the town. Stay tuned for more and keep coming back.

Of course, click and double click all pictures to enlarge the view to full size.


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  2. Lovely collection, Jim.

    Which are the Ian Weekley buildings?

    Greg Horne

    1. In the first picture at the top of the page there are 3 similar houses to,the left of the church with half-timber houses with thatched roofs. Those are Ian Weekly buildings. The thatch is felt dipped in spackle wall compound and combed out.

  3. Augezeichnet (excellent), Jim,
    Bill P.

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    1. Thank you Conrad, old bean. I hope that you and Mrs. Kinch are getting back to good health and that the little one is sleeping through the night.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, I agree. This evening I spent at least an hour gazing at the town from every angle and giving thought about what I could add to the town. I found a couple of bags of Blue Moon 18th Century civilians that I shall put to good use.

  6. That's a very impressive town. Foundry have various C18th civilians, including farm labourers and road workers.

  7. Excellent looking town. Very atmospheric.

    Black Hussar do some very nice labourers and civilians I beleive.

  8. Jim, there are a number of Suren/Willie 30mm civilian figures suitable for the 17th and 18th centuries. Just comb carefully through Peter Johnstone's website where there are photos of many unpainted castings.

    Best Regards,


  9. Lovely setup, nice to see. A few sources of civilians ...

    1. Front Rank, packs GP1,GP2,GP3 & GP4.
    2. Old Glory, Pirate range - Fat Governor and Creepy Assistants: OGP-20
    3. Blue Moon - BMM-304: Box 4 Civilians
    4. Perry AWI range has some useful sets
    5. Redoubt - FIW Civilians
    6. Black Hussar Miniatures SYW civilians

  10. What's the real estate market like in that lovely town? I'm thinking of buying in.
    Fantastic work!

  11. While you are at it, why not send in a couple of battalions for a practice skirmish in the town (I have no doubt that the real enemy will never get close enough to threaten Altefrittzenburg).

  12. Great looking terrain, Fritz! Both the town and the rest of the table.