Wednesday, April 26, 2017

SYW in India Progress Report

I have increased the 1st and 2nd Madras Sepoy Regiments from 15 to 30 figures. Now I'm working on the Madras European regiment using the Fife & Drum AWI British Guards in round hats.

I also primed a second huge cannon and crew that I will paint sometime this week.

Click or double click on all pictures to enlarge the view.

The Lion Cannon now has a crew of 6, including a British artillery officer.

There should always be an elephant picture in any SYW in India blog posting.

The 1st Madras Sepoys with the British East India Company standard, which looks like the American Grand Union flag of 1776.

The 2nd Madras Sepoy Regiment.



  1. These look amazing, the elephant is particularly good!

  2. Looking fine there! I think I may have to get one of those canons for my Mutineers.

  3. Splendid units, wonderful colors!

  4. Coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing your Madras europeans

  5. Look great ,,I used your Fife and Drum in round hats for one of my European regts. work great.It is the one thing missing from this theater is the figures for this in the Madras hats..w/ short breeches and bare ankles.Indus won't make them .I have asked many day..But yolur figures look great ..can't wait tho see them fight.

    1. Thank you Juergen. Perhaps in the future I can have my sculptor make that Madras figure.