Sunday, November 6, 2016

Some New Stuff

The front view of Sans Souci - click or double click all pictures to enlarge the view.
New Stuff, the First: I am contemplating making a minor change with this blog and replacing the header picture of Frederick with the Bernberg Regiment with this one of Sans Souci. I took the picture a couple of weeks ago whilst on the Christopher Duffy tour of Fredrician battlefields. What do you think, should I change the header or leave it alone?
Looking up the terraces of Sans Souci to Frederick's palace.

Stuff the Second: Below are a couple of pictures of the Garrison Siege Gun in 54mm toy soldier size that was made by Trophy Miniatures of Wales. This is one of the sets that every serious collector of Trophy figures wants to acquire and I was fortunate enough to find and purchase the set shown below.

Garrison Siege Gun - Trophy Miniatures

In the background are some Camel Corps figures made by Red Box Miniatures. Sadly, this company, like Trophy, is out of business. One can never have too many camels or elephants in one's collection, don't you think?

Nellies and Camels all in one picture, what more could one ask for?

Stuff the Third: In an effort to regain my painting mojo, long in hibernation, it occurred to me that I could use the basic dark white Osnabrook material currently employed on my game table as desert terrain (covered with sand). It is a simple matter of scrapping off the grit and collecting it in a pot, and then laying down some Winter terrain pieces. With December coming up soon, I wonder which of Frederick's battles I should fight?

Hmm, what could it be, what should it be, well, could it be LEUTHEN???????

We have our annual Light Troops Game on December 3rd, a Saturday; and Leuthen's anniversary date is Monday December 5th, so I might have to play it as a solo game, unless I can round up some players over the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

My game table is still covered with Sudan 54mm figures, but if I put all of them away and set out my SYW forces, that is sure to get the old painting mojo going again. I hope.

Stuff the Fourth: it shouldn't be too long before we see some greens of the Russian infantry, so stay tuned to this blog.


  1. Stuff the 1st - while it is a very good picture of San Souci, I do prefer the current picture, but it is your blog! :-)

    Stuff the 2nd DROOL!!! Magnificent! And I second your sentiments on Camel Troops! Now if I could just find some Camel mounted Carthaginians...guess elephants will have to do!
    Stuff the 3rd. Leuthen is good...and Refighting History V3 is due soon! Perhaps the Light troops day will inspire as well!
    Stuff the 4th - not sure if I can "jusify" Russians, but they are such nice cannons! Hmmm...they are Imagi-nations! :-D

    Jim, I wonder if there is likely to be room for bearskin hatted Line Cavalry for the French? ...the "German" regiments are crying out to be represented! ;-)

    Best wishes, Rohan.

    1. French cavalrie in bearskins and line grenadiers in bearskins are near the top of my list. Now if Graham would stop adding figures to the Crann Tara range and taking up all of Richard's time, then I'd work on them now! 😂

    2. Thank you for the comments Rohan. I hope that others will weigh in on the topic as well here in the comments section.

  2. I like the current blog picture header

    Love those nellies

  3. Images of Frederick rather than a striking building seem best to me.

  4. Frederick's portrait is instantly recognizable to viewers, I'm not sure if any but the most dedicated Frederickophiles would recognize Sans Souci or understand its significance even if it was labelled.

    The elephants however are Splendid!

  5. Think I'd have to join those in favor of the current header.

  6. Stick with Fred, go nellies, go leuthen, go greens