Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Fife & Drum AWI Hessians Pix

Hessians in Marching Poses. The NCOs hold their muskets with the strap facing outwards.

Hessian Firing Line Poses: Officer, Grenadier standing in second rank, Grenadier firing, Musketeer standing in second rank, and Musketeer firing.


The AWI Hessians have arrived and I have finally had some time to sort out the figures and devise new product codes for the range and also to paint a few samples of the figures. There are a total of 16 new Hessian figures with enough variants for you to make up grenadier battalions that are either marching or standing firing and musketeer battalions that are either marching or standing firing. The second rank  figure holding his musket upright in the ready position could also be used to make an entire battalion of Hessians in the same pose. You could do the same with the firing poses.

Here are the new product codes for the Hessian range. Command packs will include 4 figures for musketeer units comprised of an officer, standard bearer, NCO and Drummer. Grenadier command packs will consist of only three figures because Hessian grenadier battalions did not carry standards. The marching packs will include 8 figures. The firing line packs will have 8 figures including 4 of the second rank pose and 4 of the standing firing pose. 

HP-001 Musketeer Command, Marching ( 4 figures - officer, std bearer, NCO, drummer) - $8.00
HP-002 musketeer Command, Firing Line (4 figures same as above, but standing) - $8.00
HP-003 Musketeers Marchig (8 figures per pack) - $16.00
HP-004 Musketeer Firing Line (8 figures: 4 each of firing and 2nd rank) - $16.00
HP-005 Grenadier Command, Marching (3 figures: officer in tricorn, NCO & Drum in mitres) - $6.00
HP-006 Grenadier Command, Firing Line ( 3 figures: officer, NCO & Drummer) - $6.00
HP-007 Grenadiers Marching (8 figures) - $16.00
HP-008 Grenadier Firing Line (8 figures, 4 each firing and 2nd rank) - $16.00
HP-009 Extra Standard Bearers (pack of 2 figures) - $4.00

I will add the new product codes to the Fife & Drum Miniatures web site next week, after I have had a chance to mail Hessians rewards to my Kickstarter backers, who deserve to get their figures first.

I don't like to do "pre-orders", but if you send me an e-mail with a list of the figures that you want, I could probably manage to ship them ahead of them being loaded onto the web site store for on-line ordering.

Hessian Grenadiers, marching and firing line.
Reverse view of the first picture.
The AWI Hessians are wearing gaitors, as they did during the first couple of years in the American Revolution. Later in the war, they began wearing the "overalls" just like the British infantry. You could also use the Hessians for SYW Prussians in Swedish cuffs, SYW Hessians and SYW Brunswickers.

Musketeer Firing Line: (L-R)  officer, second rank and front rank firing.

Musketeer Firing Line - reverse image of the first picture.

I haven't had the time to paint the drummers and standard bearers yet, but here are some pictures of them in primer or in the raw metal state.

Hessian Drummers (L-R) Musketeer standing for firing line, Musketeer marching,  Grenadier marching, and Grenadier standing in firing line.

Hessian standard bearers: standing (left) and marching (right)

I'm very anxious to get the Hessians into the on line store on the Fife & Drum Miniatures web site, as I know that you are too. I should have the majority of rewards packed and shipped by this coming Saturday, so after that I can offer the figures to the general public.


  1. Those are lovely sculpts, Jim. Are any mounted Hessian officers/generals in your plans?


    1. We have a Knyphausen figure already and I use the Minden Prussian mounted colonel as an officer, but I will eventually add a Hessian mounted colonel too.

    2. The Knyphausen product code is BC-004 and the Tarleton code is BC-003

  2. Jaw-droppingly wonderful!

    Best Regards,


    1. Methinks that Stollen needs a new regiment of guards perhaps.😄

  3. Excellent as always Jim. I'm betting these will be a very popular line.

    1. Thank you Michael. They do seem to be attracting a lot of attention at this time.