Monday, June 20, 2016

Fife & Drum On-line Ordering Is Now Available

Over the weekend I was able to add on- line ordering capabilities for both the SYW and the AWI figure ranges from Fife & Drum. You can now place an order for both ranges (previously, only the AWI figures were available on-line) and use either PayPal or Credit Card for payment.

Shipping charges have been built into the price of the product codes, at least until I can fix the shipping charge function. As a result, prices on the web site are 10% higher than previously listed to cover the shipping and handling costs. Eventually, I will return prices back to their original levels and then the shipping charge will be added when the order is placed. You still have the option of ordering via email for which the usual shipping charges will apply. 

International orders will still ship at a flat rate of $10.00 per package while domestic US orders will remain at the "actual cost" which is usually around $7.00 for US Postal Service Priority Mail or less.

I did an ordering test using both the credit card and the PayPal options and they both worked.

An earlier version of this announcement post had a defective link to the web site and the problem seemed to be on the Blogger end of things, so I deleted the old post from yesterday and replaced it with this announcement.

Click on the link to Fife & Drum Miniatures on the left hand side of this page or enter the URL into your browser:

As an extra incentive for customers to give the on-line ordering a try, all on-line orders placed this week through Friday June 24, 2016 will receive a free Personality figure.

I am really excited to finally bring Fife & Drum Miniatures into the 20th Century with real on-line web site ordering. Give me a few more weeks and we will enter the 21st Century as well with some other enhancements.


  1. Jim,
    You are an evil little man - making it easier for us to buy more of your beautiful lead. Now I must rethink everything, reassign priorities, raise new forces. It will never end. (Thank goodness!) Good to see it, Jim. May your on-line ordering mailbox fill up quickly!

    1. Food, paying the mortgage and utilities, buying has to make priorities, but I defer to you as to what comes after buying minis. :)

  2. Great news. I have ordered a couple of personality figures but the UK shipping charge doesn't seem to have been applied. Happy to pay it if needed.

    Free personality figure? Wonderful idea!

  3. I gave the on-line system a whirl - a handful of Russians to get me going into SYW. I started with artillery, and found the cart did not update right away. After I reloaded the page the cart showed my items. When I switched to figures, the cart showed as a pop-up every time I added a new item. Probably just my web browser so not really a problem.

    I am looking forward to my first few figures from you!