Monday, August 31, 2015

The Great Northern War in Europe 1700-1721 Map

Not the map, but a bunch of angry Swedes on the attack.

I found this nice map of Europe at the time of the Great Northern War. Click on the link below to see the full size version.

The Great Northern War in Europe 1700-1721 - Full size

On the painting front, I have completed 12 of the 30 figures for the Upplands Regiment.


  1. A little simple to lump all the German states into "The German Empire". Maps like that always make me wonder who controlled the other areas? Modern Georgia and Kazakhstan for example?

    1. Holy Roman Empire, I suppose, noting that Bohemia and Silesia are shown as part of that while Austria and Hungary are outside the bounds of the Empire.

  2. As one of the most important States of the war: there is no Saxonia on the map. Don't forget the swedish campaign in Saxonia after the battle of Klissow!