Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trenton Terrain Revisions

Overhead view of Trenton - rotated 90 degrees to the left
 I spent a fair amount of time today studying the Stryker book on the Battles of Trenton and Princeton (published in 1898) and this has given me a better understanding of how the battle of Trenton unfolded. As a result, I decided to rotate my terrain about 90 degrees to the left. (see picture above for new layout).
The original Trenton terrain setup is shown above so that you can see the difference between the two tables. Note the position of the large stone house - Rall's HQ - in both pictures.

It became apparent to me that my previous terrain set up did not provide enough room for Sullivan's division, which advanced along the River Road to the west of Trenton. Glover's and Sargent's brigades would eventually work their way around the town and take up a blocking position on the south side of the Assunpink Creek.

I think that these changes will make for a better game scenario and give all the players more space to maneuver.

click or double click on all pictures to enlarge the view:

Assunpink Creek with the road to Bordentown snaking off to the right.
The table edge to the right of this picture, above, represents the Delaware River. In the back ground you can see Glover's and Sargent's brigades taking up a blocking position on the south bank of Assunpink Creek. The Bordentown Road leads to the Hessian garrison in that town comprised of the von Donop regiment, some two miles away. I want to give von Donop a slight opportunity to come to the rescue of Colonel Rall and his Trenton garrison.

Hamilton's New York Artillery battery deploys in front of King Street.
As Mercer and Sterling move on Trenton from the north, Alexander Hamilton has set up his New York artillery company in command of King Street. The large stone house is Colonel Rall's headquarters.

The view looking down Queen Street.

A view of the back yards between King and Queen streets.

Overhead view of Trenton depicting the Princeton Road.

A view down the Pennington Road towards Trenton. This is the road taken by General Washington with his half of the army as it approached Trenton early in the morning. You can see a piquet of Hessian jagers manning their post.

Glover's brigade of Sullivan's division marching down the River Road, parallel to Washington's advance along the Pennington Road. Fife & Drum Miniatures.

In a future posting, I shall start to reveal some of the game scenario rules that I am working on. These will include elements to activate Hessian infantry units, send couriers to Bordentown to summon reinforcements from von Donop's command.


  1. As I said before, wonderful looking table! Who would n't enjoy gaming over that?

  2. Impressive terrain - Brrrr ! feels cold ! , Tony

  3. Very impressive setup there Fritz.

    Do the Germans have much hope do you think?

  4. Their objective will be to "get out of town" so if even one regiment escapes, then that is good. I will be running some solo play tests this weekend to see how it works out. I want to give the Hessions a chance.

  5. All we are saying. . . Is give Hessians a chance! Sorry. Couldn't stop myself. The new table orientation is even more interesting looking.

    Best Regards,


  6. Looking at the winter scene, I remember why I live in Florida...Bill

  7. Wonderful looking troops and table! Winter table - is awesome!


  8. Wonderful looking troops and table! Winter table - is awesome!