Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Battle of Princeton- January 3, 1777

The Battle of Trenton, by Don Troiani.

I have admired this print from Don Troani for quite awhile and keep meaning to order a giccle version on canvas and nicely framed as a present to myself. Coincidentally I have been doing some light reading on the battles of Trenton, Assunpink Creek and Princeton with a mind to fighting the battles solo and writing up a game report for this blog.

For more information about the print, please click on the link to one of Mr. Troiani's distributors in the USA

Troiani also has a Facebook page that is interesting to follow because he sometimes gives his followers a first glimpse at some of the commissions that he is currently working on. I can't seem to provide a link to his Facebook page, but if you log yourself into Facebook and then search for "Don Troiani Historical Artist " that should get you to the right spot.

Mr. Troiani is currently working on a painting depicting the March of Alexander Hamilton's artillery company on its March to Trenton on Christmas Eve. One of the little nuggets of information that he provided is that contrary to popular belief, many of the Continental soldiers had been re-equipped from the army stores in nearby Philadelphia just prior to Washington's Winter campaign.


  1. Troiani is a fantastic artist.

    I am fortunate to live only about 10 minutes from the Princeton battlefield, and take every opportunity to drive by it in my travels.

    Happy and healthy new year to you and your family!

  2. Jim,

    I agree, inspirational artwork.


  3. Interesting - I mostly know Troiani from ACW reenactors who have a lot of his stuff. Didn't know he did RevWar as well, but why not? Great print.

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