Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Minden SYW Austrians

Austrian cuirassiers (left) and Prussian CR1 cuirassiers (right) close into melee. Click pix to enlarge.

I thought that it was about time to show some pictures of the "Other Guys" in the white coats, who serve for She Whose Name Cannot Be Mentioned on this blog.
Charles of Lorrain (leaning over), Hadik (in hussar mufti next to Charles) and von Loudan (in the front next to the grenadiers) as painted by Leuthen Studios.

Charles of Lorraine (center) discusses tactics with his staff. A lot of good that will do him, but at least he is giving it a try. Von Loudan is in the back right waiting for history to tap him on the shoulder.
Austrian artillery battery with a pair of 6-pounders in the right foreground and a pair of 12-pounders in the left background. Minden artillery crew, Berliner Zinfiguren cannon and limbers, RSM limber horses and riders. Von Loudan, in the background, supervises the battery while a battalion of Hungarian grenadiers provides support.
Same battery, but viewed from the rear.


  1. Great units, lovely pics; the artillery battery is impressive

    -- Allan

  2. Beautiful pictures, love the camp and the limbers especially!

  3. Lovely units Jim and also artfully posed. Well done.

  4. Those Prussian and Austrian Currassier uniforms most have led to some mistakes on the field! They look pretty similar!

  5. Very nice indeed-love those RSM limbers and riders.

  6. Great models! I'm a Kaiserlich at heart, so Hoch Hapsburg!

  7. As always, very inspiring and beautifully photographed in lovely settings. Thanks very much

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. They are much appreciated and gratefully received.