Thursday, May 15, 2014

Minden & Fife & Drum Shipping Procedures

I want to bring everyone up to date on my shipping and payment procedures for Minden Miniatures and Fife & Drum orders, as I occasionally get some anxious emails from a few new customers.

1) I receive your order via email.

2) within a couple of days, I will pick your order, pack it and send you a Paypal invoice only when I am ready to ship your order. I don't want to collect your money until the order is ready to ship.

3) your receipt of a Paypal invoice is your acknowledgement that I have received your order.

4) usually, I can only go to the post office on Saturday to mail your package, as I have a full time job during weekday business hours and can't go to the post office.

5) once I have received your payment, I will then mail your package.

6) orders shipped outside the USA usually arrive within 5 to 10 business days, but sometimes it takes 3-4 weeks, not often, but sometime.

7) if your order has not arrived within 4 weeks, then I will send you a replacement order for free and with no extra charge for postage.

8) it is important that you provide me with your shipping address so,that I,can mail your package. I would estimate that close to 50% of orders do not include the shipping address. Paypal provides me with the address that they have on record for you, but sometimes Paypal has the wrong address, so please, please, please include your shipping address with each order.

9) sometimes I make a mistake and provide the wrong number of figures, I.e you got two drummers and one NCO when in fact you ordered the opposite. In that case, I will ship the replacement figures for free and you can keep any extra figures as a result.

10) all international orders ship at a flat rate of $10 per package. 

I hope that this clarifies my shipping and payment procedures.  Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to address your concerns. 



  1. Might I suggest that you have a permanent link to this post amongst the links to the left of your posts?

    -- Jeff

  2. Jim, please let me congratulate you on your excellent service.

    I have had no problems with your shipments to the antipodes, and the way you pack the figures means they arrive in excellent shape.

    I highly commend your service to everyone reading this.

    It is up there with he best, and as you say, you even have a "day job" :-).

    Cheers, Rohan.

  3. Really fair and good procedures. Thank you a lot.

  4. Jim, it's been a while since I talked to you. Did you lose my address or email? Best regards, Bill

  5. I'd just like to endorse the above comments about the fantastic service from Jim. Can't imagine a more generous minded trader, especially to us overseas buyers.
    best wishes

  6. Have you considered a shop with a cart? It's not that expensive compared to the income it will generate. It would also allow you to collect accurate addresses? It would also manage orders in a very logical way, send out order received emails automatically, collect payment automatically, and generally give everyone a familiar experience so you wouldn't need special instructions on how to order. It would do all of this while increasing sales.

    I'm also a small time miniatures manufacturer and know the amount of time that it takes to keep the orders going out on time, so believe me when I say this post is written in the best possible spirit.

    Also, the USPS will pick up packages from your home if you contact them.