Monday, March 10, 2014

New 17th Light Dragoons Greens

Here are some pictures of the 17th Light Dragoons (4 poses) sculpted by Richard Ansell for the Fife & Drum AWI figure range. The variants, shown in order below, are officer, trumpeter, trooper firing pistol, and trooper charging. The whole set is meant to depict the regiment at the charge .

17th Light Dragoon Officer


  1. Fantastic sculpts. I'll be picking up a squadron of these as soon as they are available!


  2. Woohoo! Yep, I'll need a squadron or too, too. Don't suppose Richard could put a sabre hilt on the scabbard of the officer that could be left on if we use this as a standard bearer, or cut off if used with sword drawn? Probably too late, so a job for the green stuff. Cheers, Rohan.

  3. Rohan: we didn't make an ensign/cornet for the light dragoons since they did not carry their colours into the field. I'm afraid that conversion work is the only option.

  4. Thanks, Jim. That will be a fun challenge for one or two figures. The beauty of Imagi-nations is that historical constraints can be laid aside - Long Live Hesse- Seewald, etc. ;) As an aside, I've just read Ken Trotman's reprint of GB Malleson's "Loudon". This is a good read & has given me inspiration for the collective name for my Germanic forces - The "F├╝rstenbund", originally the alliance of princes put together by FdG after the War of the Bavarian Succession to resist Leopold of Austria's efforts to swap Bavaria for the Netherlands with Karl Theodore's approval when he died childless - great stuff!! Cheers, Rohan.