Saturday, March 8, 2014

British Legion Greens Have Arrived!

British Legion Trooper Charging.
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 The other day I received a file full of pictures of the latest AWI dragoons that Richard Ansell recently completed. These include the 3rd Continental Dragoons (5 poses), the 17th Light Dragoons (4 poses) and Tarleton's British Legion cavalry (7 poses). All three sets are in energetic charging poses in contrast with the earlier 1st Continental Dragoons and 16th Light Dragoons which were done in skirmishing and shouldered sword poses.

So if you want a traditional "marching with shouldered sword" or "skirmishing" poses, you would select the 1st Continental and the 16th Light Dragoons. However, if you prefer the more energetic "charging" poses, then the 3rd Continental, 17th Light Dragoons and the British Legion are would you will be looking for.

The greens have been sent on to Griffin Moulds to have the master and production moulds made, and then to cast the finished pieces. So allowing for some extra lead time, I would estimate that all of the new figures will be produced and in stock sometime in May 2014.

I will post pictures of the British 17th Light Dragoons and the 3rd Continental Dragoons later next week, so as to spread things out a little bit.

British Legion Trooper, Hacking

The British Legion trooper hacking downward with his sword (see above photo) is one of my favorite poses. You can really get a lot of variety in your regiment using the five charging poses shown on these pages.

British Legion Officer, Charging

British Legion Trooper Charging & Firing Pistol
British Legion Trumpeter, Charging

British Legion Trooper, with Shouldered Sword

British Legion Trooper Firing Carbine


  1. Great looking models with plenty of action sculpted in to each one. These will be terrific!

  2. Very Nice!! Are the 17th LD the ones that would double as the SYW 15th LD? Cheers, Rohan.

  3. Yes, the 17thLD the same helmet as the one worn by the 15th LD in the SYW.

    I'll post pix in a couple of days.

  4. Salut again!

    Really absolutely fine mounted models.

    Anyway i wait a bit for some new SYW models on the ... 'eastern' front.
    Btw, if i order 'then' a 'Knyphausen' figure as prussian officer (sure then not as Knyphausen ;)) its possible to get a different, prussian officer horse?

    Best regards

  5. You go from strength to strength with these amazing miniatures, Jim.

    Best Regards,


  6. You can order any horse that we have in the range. We have about 26 different ones. :)


  7. Oh, Jim, i had a failure in my thoughts. I forgot that the saddle cloth is part of the horseman, not the horse.
    So i must only 'convert' a bit 'Knyphausens' saddle cloth to something fitting.

    Anyway good to know i can order any horse of the range.

    But really, i get more and more nosy for the next 'Minden' SYW figures, but you can call your entire range like you want, also prussians, hannoverians, austrians playing 'fife & drums'^^.