Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prussian Kettle Drummer for CR1 Krockow

Minden Miniature Prussian Kettle Drummer for Cuirassier Regiment CR1  Krockow

I am currently working on a new cuirassier regiment to add to my SYW Prussian army and spent the evening painting the kettle drummer that goes with the regiment. Cuirassier regiments had their prized kettle drums with them, whereas dragoon regiments merely had regular drummers. The kettle drummer looks decidedly more impressive and elegant, so I was eager to add him to the regiment.

The regiment will see its first action at this year's Seven Years War Association convention in South Bend, Indiana from March 28 to March 30, 2014. I will be running a Lobositz-1756 game on Saturday morning. If there is sufficient interest, I might host a Domstadtl Raid of 1758 game on Friday evening, although it is not scheduled at this time.

I have 14 of the cuirassiers painted, out of a 24 figure regiment, so I should have the regiment completed by this weekend, at which time I will post pictures of the finished product.

Kettle Drummer -- CR1 Krockow

Rear view showing the false sleeves on the musician's coat.


  1. He is extremely pretty. . . in the most manly/soldierly way possible of course.

    Best Regards,


  2. Great looking figure, love the shading on the drum!

  3. Bill,
    Todd Prochniak and I are starting into SYW. We were hoping you could tell us what brnd and shade of blue you use for Prussian blue uniforms. Thanks, Dan Wideman. (We played BAR at Bill's house)