Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Fife & Drum 16th Light Dragoons

Six of the eight new 16th Light Dragoons. Click to enlarge.
British 16th Light Dragoons in situ. Click to enlarge.
This evening I put the finishing touches on four more of the new 16th Light Dragoons figures and I do not exagerate when I say that these new figures were really fun to paint. The variety and animation, and the realistic look of the figures is hard to beat. I think that Richard Ansell really out-did himself in sculpting this batch of figures.

I have only the trumpeter and the trooper in hunting shirt/shouldered sword pose remaining in my quest to get each of the new 16th Dragoons samples painted. After that, the 1st Continental Dragoons will be painted.

Here are the new product codes for the 16th Light Dragoons:

BC-010  16th Light Dragoon Officer, pointing
BC-011  16th Light Dragoon Trumpeter
BC-012   16th Light Dragoon - Shouldered Sword, uniform coat
BC-013   16th Light Dragoon - Shouldered Sword, hunting shirt variant
BC-014   16th Light Dragoon - In reserve, rested carbine
BC-015   16th Light Dragoon - Firing Carbine
BC-016   16th Light Dragoon - Firing Pistol
BC-017   16th Light Dragoon - Loading Carbine

Each figure is priced at $5.00 each (including horse and rider). They are available for pre-order now, with estimated shipping in about 1 to 2 weeks, after I send out the Kickstarter Rewards to our backers. You will not be charged for any of these figures until I am ready to ship them, but a pre-order helps me to gauge how many I will need to keep in stock after the Kickstarter orders are mailed.

From L to R: Officer, Firing Pistol, Musket at Rest - in reserve, and Shoulderd Sword. Click to enlarge.
Side view of the four newest dragoons off of the painting table.


  1. Jim,

    I've still not received my Kickstarter survey options . . . and I was one of the first thirty as I recall. I was at the $24 + $6 (shipping to Canada) level.

    -- Jeff

  2. Jeff: I have not shipped any figures yet, they just arrived from the caster last friday. In any event, I will need your address.


  3. Very nice brushwork indeed!


  4. Yes! Just the thing on this cold, snowy morning. They are even more lovely when there are more of them painted and grouped together.

    Best Regards,


  5. Very, very nice - even if they are Brits!