Friday, December 14, 2012

AWI Amusette - Painted Pix

British Amusette with crew (AE-6)

And now for something completely different...

the Fife & Drum British amusette set which consists of two Royal Artillery crew and one wooden wheeled mantle. The weapon is a 1-pound wall gun with a large ball that was capable of penetrating a barn or house.

British Amusette

Photo showing the "parts" that comprise the set.

While these were part of the Royal Artillery, there are records of Hessian Jagers using these wall guns in their "small wars" against the Continentals. If you are building a British AWI army, then you have to have one of these amusettes if for no other reason than to amuse your opponent in the wargame.

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  1. Agreed! And very dangerous (for me). I might just need to order one of these for my Grand Duchy of Stollen collection in early 2013. . . as well as a small unit of militia darn you!

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