Sunday, March 18, 2012

Convention Preparations

I finished painting a 25-figure American Militia battalion this evening to use in my AWI game at the Seven Years War Association convention in South Bend on March 30 and 31. With two weeks to go, it appears that I will reach all of my painting goals for this game, i.e. to have 12 battalions of figures for the American side. I only have one more battalion of Continentals (24 figures) to paint over the next week and a half. That seems doable from my perspective.

The American forces will include the following:

Pennsylvania Brigade - 90 figures
1st Pennsylvania (30 figures)
3rd Pennsylvania (30 figures)
5th Pennsylvania (30 figures)

Maryland Brigade - 98 figures
1st Maryland (25 figures)
2nd Maryland (25 figures)
6th Maryland (24 figures)
Delaware Regiment (24 figures)

Militia Brigade - 90 figures
Westmoreland County Militia (25 figures)
Bucks County Militia (25 figures)
1st Battalion - Lancaster Militia Regt. (20 figures)
2nd Battalion - Lancaster Militia Regt. (20 figures)

Work In Progress
Continental Artillery - 1 x 3pdr with 4 crew
11th Pennsylvania Regt. (24 figures)

This order of battle will provide for 3 player commands. I plan to have a similar number of British/Hessian commands for the other team. I will use some of my Minden Miniatures SYW Prussians as stand ins for the Hessians (2 musketeer btns, 1 grenadier btn, and 1 x 6 pdr artillery).

I will take some pictures of some of the newer units that I've painted over the past several weeks and hopefully post them tomorrow.

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  1. Best wishes Jim, with this very appealing project.
    Cheers and bravos,