Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Pickett's Charge Historicon Game Slots Are Still Available


A section of the terrain that will be included in the Pickett's Charge game at Historicon.

Confederate artillery battery opens fire on the Union positions
under the watchful eye of  Colonel Porter Alexander.

I was reviewing the game registration page for Historicon game events and it appears that two of the games are sold out and two game slots are still available.

Still Available Game Slots

Friday Evening at 7PM - Event Number F19.304

Saturday Afternoon at 1PM - Event Number S13.512

Sold Out Game Slots

Thursday Afternoon at 4PM - Event Number T16.303

Friday Morning at 10AM - Event Number F10.311

Longstreet, Hood, Pickett and Lee are pointing out some potential players in my
Pickett's Charge game. General Hood, "hey you, yes you! Sign up for Fritz's 
Historicon games.

The registration site doesn't tell me how many people have signed up for the games on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon so I can't tell you how many openings there are. I need a minimum of six players to run the game effectively. I could also stand in and play in the game if we need another person to get the game started.

So save Old Fritzie from getting skunked in these two game slots and sign up for the game. As an incentive, I will give each player signed up for these game a free bag of Fife and Drum miniatures AWI or American Civil War miniatures. The ACW figures were never released for sale so these are as rare as hen's teeth, so they say.

Here is a link to the Historicon game registration web site

Historicon Game Registration Link

Game Preparation Update

Sadly it is time to tear down the table top in my Man Cave and to start packing up all of the figures and terrain that I will be bringing to Historicon for my Pickett's Charge game. I was astounded to see how much terrain there was when I started grouping things like fences, buildings and roads together. The number of fences in the game is mind boggling.

At this point in time, there will be no more items to paint and add to the game. I have got to go with what I have right now.

Historicon is almost here. It starts next Wednesday so get ready to join in the fun.


  1. I wish I was attending Jim, maybe if I have a lottery win. Have a great weekend and I am looking forward to the photos and AAR.


    1. Thank you Willz. I will have lots of pix in two weeks or maybe some while Im at the convention.


  2. Jim;
    I have been limbering up my dice throwing hand to be ready for the Thursday game. Looking forward to seeing you and your Deputy GM, Bill. Safe travels!


    1. We will see you then. Brush up on your GB movie quotes too.😎

  3. I managed to get one of the Friday slots. Looking forward to it.

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the convention. Thanks for signing up for my game.