Saturday, April 6, 2024

Iconic Gettysburg Photo Recreated with new 54mm figures


The picture above is probably one of two of the most commonly known photographs of the battle of Gettysburg, the other being the posed picture of the dead Confederate sniper in Devil's Den.

Well guess what? I recently commissioned a company to reproduce the three figures in this photo for 3D printing in 1/32 scale (54mm). The figures were made by Speira in Sweden. These figures will comprised a vignette that I will have on my game table at Historicon, where I am hosting Pickett's Charge in 54mm.

Here are the renderings of the three figures. 

Eventually I assume that this vignette set will be made available by the company on its web store. You can order Speira figures in almost any size or scale and they will print the figures for you and then send them off in the mail to you.

I am very pleased with how the commission turned out and I look forward to getting the chance to paint them and mount them on a base with a pile of fence rails.



Yesterday Keith L. and I did our fifth and final play test of the Pickett's Charge game at his house. There were a couple of minor tweaks that we had made and we wanted to see how they played out. We also created several "situations" that are likely to pop up in a game, so we set up some figures for the situation (infantry charging into an artillery battery, among others), rolled some dice, and played out the moment.

I am very confident that we have ironed out all of the bugs and loop holes in my rules and that they are ready for the big stage. I expect some of my game players will find a thing or two though that are head scratchers.

Here are several pictures from yesterday's play test. I have already posted many pictures from earlier games so I only snapped four photos this time.

Armistead's brigade moves across the Emmitsburg Road

Garnett's brigade climbs over the post and rail fences. Another unit on the 
road has seen enough and is skedaddling to the rear.

The Rebs attempt to charge home into the stone wall. The casualty figure represents 
the spot on the table where the regiment lost a stand. The red D6 indicates the
number if casualties in the remaining stands of the regiment. I plan on replacing the 
D6s with wooden dial counters that will have terrain atop of them.

Looking down the Emmitsburg Road (facing south) as it runs to the Codori farm.

I am finished with the painting of figures and combatants for the game. The only remaining task is to make more post and rail fences for the Emmitsburg Road, the casualty counter dials, and a couple of vignettes.


  1. It looks absolutely superb. I just love 54mm - we should see more of it in epic wargames. Great work Jim.

    1. Thank you Duc! I've got a fever and the only prescription is more 54mm.

  2. Looking forward in the seeing your commision figures when they arrive and are painted up. Great game pictures once more, such a brilliant table and figures.

  3. The computer renderings on this trio are stunning.