Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Getting Ready For Historicon

Practicing loading the car to maximize the amount of stuff that I can take to Historicon.

The other day I cleaned out my wife's Volvo SUV and worked at stuffing it full of empty plastic boxes and containers to figure out the best way to pack and get the maximum amount of figures and terrain into the car for my trip to Historicon in July of this year. Once I am able to figure out the best packing configuration, this tells me how many containers I can take. Knowing how many containers I can carry informs me about what I can take to the convention. In a word, if I can't fit it into the containers then it isn't going to Historicon.

One of my objectives in packing is to keep the front passenger seat empty
so that I have a place to put my duffel bag (for clothes) and a cooler for cold drinks.

In addition to maximizing the number of containers in the car, I also want to make sure that I still have an unobstructed view from the rear window of the vehicle. I also want to keep the front passenger seat open so that I can have a place to put my duffel bag for my clothes and be able to put a beverage cooler on the seat.

Another objective is to pack as much stuff into the car and still be able to see out of the back window without obstructions.

Side view of backseat on the passenger side.

Side view of the backseat on the driver's side.

As I recall, I can put five larger plastic containers with pull out drawers. Seven medium sized plastic containers to hold some of the figures. Four cardboard boxes to hold individual building models for Khartoum. And one large plastic tub that will hold one or two paddlewheel steam boats for the game. There is also a considerable amount of open space underneath the seats where I can stuff in more terrain pieces and game mats.

Finally, I will attach a roof pod to the Volvo and carry some items there on the roof. I didn't include the storage space available inside the pod when I listed the types of containers that I will be able to bring. It looks like I can put two medium (20" long by 14" wide) containers in the pod and still have room for my folded table mats for the game.

Since I ran the Khartoum game at Little Wars, I am pretty much done with making things for the game and can concentrate on how to pack terrain and figures for the games at Historicon.


  1. Best of luck Jim, your game is worthy of all plaudits.

  2. Good luck Jim your best game to date. Remember once packed take photos, always helps in the repack 😁

  3. I remember having a similarly loaded SUV when I took a load of figures and terrain down to one of our wargaming holiday weeks at Lake Tarawera a few years ago....although I may have had to rely on wing mirrors for my rear vision!

  4. I thought after last year you were going to pass on Historicon?

  5. All the best with the packing, trip and game. I'm sure that it will go well and will be a top time.
    Regards, James

  6. You're an absolute genius for doing this. I would be attempting to stuff everything in the morning of my departure. Just like I did for the Flea Market at Cold Wars!