Sunday, May 29, 2022

Pictures of the Week: Berlin Zinnfiguren Store


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Whenever I am in Berlin, Germany the first thing that I do is to make a beeline to the Berlin Zinnfiguren store. The collection of military ministers, flats and SYW books is one of the best that I have ever seen.

Below are a few of my favorite pictures taken while visiting the store in October 2016. I particularly like Baron von Munchhausen. I kind of wish that I had purchased this one.

Baron von Munchhausen flat figure vignette

Prussian Yellow Hussars flat figures. I was tempted to buy them but the price was beyond my budget.

A nice 18th Century coach vignette with flat figures.

The majority of figures on display are painted flats ...

...but they have a few figures "in the round" too.

These figures should give you a good idea of what the store offers in term of military miniatures. They have an extensive stock of new and used military history books as well. There are always a few hidden gems in the book section of the store.


  1. Curious Punctuation on the von Munchhausen flat. "Elector. Braunschweig-Luneburg Baron von Muchhausen mounts a returning cannonball." The label uses Baron instead of Freiherr, but the German spelling rather than the anglicised Munchausen.

    Gorgeous eye-candy, though.

    Also, I need to get out more. :-)

    Regards, Chris

  2. I've accumulated a few flats over the years, mostly 7YW, but also some from the Befreiungskriege. Wonderful to look at, aren't they. The only picture I ever took, and not quite "luxusbemalung":

  3. I hope one day to get there. They are excellent with mail order ( can only speak for to the UK though) and the online shop is fascinating to browse in. I particularly like the second hand zinnfiguren part, full of arcane treasures and delights. One day…

  4. They do a cracking mail order service to the U.K.

    1. Mail order service to the USA is very good too.