Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Picture of the Week: At the Savage Swan Inn


King Frederick II of Prussia and his army are passing through the Duchy of Altefritzenberg on their way to an important meeting with the Austrian army. Fredrick and his staff have stopped at the Savage Swan Inn to check out their maps and get their bearings.

The figures are from Minden Miniatures, of course. The inn is an old heavy resin building from Gallia, representing the inn of La Belle Alliance at Waterloo. . The sign might be from Hovels.


  1. Surely the sign would be "auf Deutsch".

  2. That is a very nice picture indeed, the Minden Miniatures are lovely sculpts and the paintwork is top notch. I am afraid Jubilo may have a point about the name of the tavern, however!

    1. Actually the Inn is owned by an Irish ex-pat by the name of Donovan. Thus the sign is in English. LOL!

      Ask Andy M. about this.


  3. Wonderful sculpts and painting and the picture sets the scene and tells the story.