Sunday, August 22, 2021

What’s Wrong With This Picture?


How many uniform and other errors can you spot in this picture? Leave your answer in the Comments section below. 

Good luck and happy hunting.


  1. The only one I see is the perfectly straight, shining white teeth of the fellow in the very authentic coonskin cap. Everybody knows the state of dentistry in the 18th Century! Seriously….

  2. The British caps look too short for the grenadiers the shoulder wings suggest they are. Fusilier, maybe. Also, is that what the back of a fusilier cap looks like?

    I find it odd that regiments are quite this mixed - we can see Continentals and men in hunting shirts, versus line infantry and a Scottish unit. What, both sides met precisely at the border between four units?

    I don't know enough about British vexillary to have any idea if the colour apparently captured by the frontiersman is accurate.

    1. Although it occurs to me that a regiment with white facings shouldn't have a red regimental flag.

  3. The flag looks remarkably like the red duster used by the merchant Navy fleet. The Americans in blue look very Airfix style uniforms.

    Willz Harley.

  4. Concerning the English infantrymen.

    - The color of the regimental color is different from the distinctive color of the battalion. In addition the red is reserved for the guard.
    - the Ensign's braid are absent.
    - The pike does not look like a hollowed-out cross.
    It seems that this is a merchant navy flag used for the occasion. It is also not entrusted by a standart bearer. (officer or non-commissioned officer)
    - The color of the facings differs from that of the collar.
    -The background color of the wings is sometimes blue, sometimes red, doesn't it describe being on a red background?
    - the shape of the wings itself seems questionable to me.
    - The lack of badge on the top (called in frenche: monkey butt) of the furry cap may be.
    - The haversack does not seem to correspond to the period.
    - The absence of the coat rolled over the knapsack.

    Concerning the mainland

    I pass my turn not being a specialist in the period but the white border on the tricorn worries me a little, don't you?

  5. Most of what I'd have a hope of finding has been found—and much more besides!
    Didn't the grenadiers have a design (grenade?) on the red patch?
    The gaiters or is it high boots on the fellow being shot look incorrect. Plus I am not sure how he is being dispatched, since the bloke to his left is firing elsewhere and there does not seem to be any other source ahead of him?
    The highland bonnet does not look correct to me?
    Hard to tell, but the flag of the American unit looks more like the current EU flag than anything I'd expect the Continental Army to carry.
    Regards, James