Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Napoleon Collection

My collection of various Napoleons

More of the collection
For a few years now I have been collecting busts and statues of Napoleon. I have 15 of them that I have acquired over the years and it is fun to watch the collection grow. The thing about collections is that the more of the items that you have, the better the collection will look if it displayed together. In this case, I display all of them in my library room.

I do not include wargaming Napoleon figures in the collection and have largely excluded toy soldier Napoleona, with a couple of exceptions. Probably my favorite Napoleon is the bobble head le petit tondu.

Napoleon seeks world domination.

I am always on the look out for more Napoleons. You never know where and when they will turn up. 

I also have a similar collection of Frederick the Great pieces that I will show on this blog in another post one day. Most of the Fritz figures were acquired on trips to Germany - a vist to the book store at Sans Souci in Potsdam is a treasure trove of Fredericks.


  1. That's a fine collection squire. Some very fetching renditions of Chandlers "great, bad man" there.