Monday, February 5, 2018

NEW AWI Mounted Militia Are Available

New Fife & Drum Miniatures AWI Mounted Militia
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The new Fife & Drum Miniatures AWI Mounted Militia figures are now available for purchase on the Fife & Drum Miniatures web store site. We have also added the new South Carolina Continentals wearing leather caps and SYW Russian musketeers in waistcoats to the web store.

Please Note: we now accept credit cards as well as PayPal payments for all purchases on the Fife & Drum Miniatures web store.

Click on the links below to view the new products and product codes in our web store:

Today's post features the AWI Mounted Militia figures. The Russians and South Carolina Continentals will have their own blog post later in the week. However, you can still click on any of the links above to see the figures or make a purchase.

AWI Mounted Militia

We have added eleven different figures that are suitable for use as either mounted militia for the Southern Campaigns or as Continental Dragoons in campaign dress. These are further grouped into six new product codes as shown below. Note that all cavalry figures include the horse.

AC-023 Dragoons wearing hunting shirts (2 figures)     $10.00 
AC-024  Mounted Militia - Tricorn Hats (3 figures)      $15.00
AC-025  Mounted Militia - Brimmed Hats (3 figures)  $15.00
AC-026  Mounted Militia - Brimmed Hats, turned up on right side (3 figures)   $15.00
AC-027  Mounted Militia Officer (1 figure)  $6.00
AC-028  Mounted Militia Regimental Pack (all 11 new figures)  $50.00

AC-024 Mounted Militia in Tricorn Hats.

AC-025 Mounted Militia in Brimmed Hats.

AC-026 Mounted Militia in Turned-up Hats.

AC-028 Mounted Militia Regiment Pack
(note: the two figures in hunting shirts are not shown in this picture)
The Mounted Militia figures are ideally suited for wargames set in the Southern Colonies during the 1776 to 1783 period and can be used both as militia cavalry or as mounted militia troops who would ride to the battle site and dismount so that they could fight on foot. They could also be used to give a campaign look to your Continental Dragoon regiments.

The Mounted Militia figures are priced at an introductory discount from our regular prices ($6.00 per horse and rider set at regular price, reduced to $5.00 per horse and rider set) per individual figure.

We also offer all eleven of the new mounted militia figures as a Regimental Pack for $50.00 which makes the figures even more economical than if they were purchased as individual figures.


  1. How exciting! I have been looking forward to these since you first talked about it. Great looking figures and perfect for my southern armies. Will be sending a order soon!

  2. Correction just sent in my order ☺

    1. Thank you, order received and will ship tomorrow.