Friday, September 22, 2017

A Basing Solution?

Prussian fusilier regiment Prinz Heinrich - IR35 using the proposed new basing method.

Recall that a couple of weeks ago I was pondering some solutions to my basing of SYW figures, with the aim of getting the figures closer together than I have been doing with my present collection. Currently, I use five stands measuring 40mm by 60mm with the flags on the middle stand. 

Some have criticized my basing for having the individual figures a little too far apart, rather than shoulder to shoulder...and this is OK because all feedback is good.

Part of the reason for my current system is to have some space on the edges of the stand so that it can be picked up with someone's fingers haphazzardly mashing the muskets and bayonets of my figures.

Here is a unit using my existing basing system of five 40mm by 60mm stands. Admittedly the figures are not exactly shoulder to shoulder, but I like them and I don't plan on rebasing my entire Prussian and Austrian armies,.

With that in mind, I experimented with a tighter appearance for the battalion, using two 40mm by 60mm stands and two 40mm by 80mm stands. The larger stands were put on the ends of the battalion line. These stands had 8 rank and file soldiers and then one drummer who was offset from the rest of the battalion. The 40mm by 60mm stands had 8 figures on one of them and on the command stand there were 6 figures. This was done to keep the size of the battalion down, because I was now increasing the battalion from 30 to 32 figures.

One of the issues with my suggested system of four stands 40mm by 80mm was that this placed the flags a little bit off center when all of the stands were drawn up in a line. So I pondered this for awhile and hit on the idea of going back to four 40mm by 60mm stands and then one smaller stand in the center that would hold the two flags, an officer and a drummer or NCO.

This picture compares the new proposed system with the old proposed system. Note the addition of the extrea base in the center to hold the two flags, keeping them in the center of the line.

So this is where I am today. One other note, I may increase the unit size to 34 figures so as to place one more soldier on each of the two end stands, filling up a hole created by offsetting the drummer out onto the flank.

What do you think, dear readers? I would like to hear your opinions before I start gluing figures to bases. I only want to do this basing one time. LOL.


  1. The new system does look more tighter I gotta admit.

  2. The new system does look more tighter I gotta admit.

  3. Jim, I confess to rather liking your old" method. To counter the "not tight enough argument, I would suggest the spaces represent the gaps between companies. Besides, it looks nicer when in column of march. I certainly feel the 4 base system would be clunky, and your newest proposal may well do. However, if it ain't broke,...! Cheers, Rohan.

  4. Have to admit that I like the look of the last picture. Only thing I do myself would be to put the spear chuckers on the second and fourth stands on the flanks and put musketeers in their place

  5. I do prefer the tighter basing as well Jim and like your idea of the additional central base for your colour party. Very good idea IMHO.

  6. Jim,
    i like the new look I have 5 bases also to a unit (like your old system) but the frontage is only 45mm and 50mm deep and holds 6 figures in two ranks so the frontage is still the same as your new layout but still means the command base appears in the centre. The slightly increased depth allows for the handling of the figures and also allows me to use the same base for cavalry.

  7. depth the tighter style is nice. I would have placed the drummers and staff behind the second rank and used a deeper base.

  8. I like the look, especially the drummers on the wings (how regulation). I was planning on doing 5 45mmx40mm for my Hessians myself.

  9. For SYW and AWI I like an 18mm frontage per figure with a deeper base. For example 4 figures on a 36mm x 50mm base which is nice for figures firing because the muskets do not to extend to far beyond the base. When marching I set them a bit back on the base so as not to give to much space between files. Obviously I prefer the figures closer together then spaced apart. Good luck with whatever you decide.


  10. All reminiscent of the old "Tricorne" system whereby you have six figures in two ranks on a 50x50mm (or 2x2") base. Of course in those days the figures were 25mm.