Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Battle of Arcot - Part II

I am posting pictures of the action that occurred in other parts of the battle of Arcot, largely in the center of the table. As I was busy on the left flank, I did not have much time to follow the rest of the action down the long 24 foot table.

I had to leave the game early, so I did not see who won, but it looked like the French had the upper hand in the key center part of the table. They apparently broke through the center and outflanked Fort Tandoori on the British right, causing the center and right to fall back.

Clive's flank attack on the left had a minor edge over the French, but he did not have enough infantry left to finish off what he had started.

The French and their allies advance in the center section of the battlefield. The British redcoats venture forward to meet them.

Some Indus Miniatures French sepoys lead the attack in the center.

They are briefly delayed by a hoard of bow and arrow armed native levies. These are also Indus Miniatures.

Native cavalry stream out of Arcot to support the French attack in the center.
The French artillery and infantry also head for the front in the center part of the table.

The French (blue coats on the right) appear to have the British (several red battalions on the left) outnumbered. The British unleash their secret weapon: ELEPHANTS!

A kink in the French line develops as Clive's flank attack is starting to push back the French center-right. British natives advance towards the bend in the line. French cavalry moves forward to attack the natives.

That seemed to work fairly well as the French went "all in" and pushed everything into the melee. The French and their native allies won this melee and eventually broke through the British center.

Meanwhile on the British right flank, the redcoats occupy Fort Tandoori and seem to have things well under control.



  1. Wonderful terrain and figures once again Jim, a great looking game!

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