Monday, January 2, 2017

Rapid Reading

I read all 320 pages of the book, Hero of the Empire, in one day yesterday. It is the story of Winston Churchill's escape from the prison camp during the Boer War. The book is very well written and has an easy reading style to it, such that I just could not put it down.

I picked up the book at Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon and started reading it while sipping on a Starbucks latte. My daughter had wanted to go to the mall  in order to get some walking and exercise in and get a little more experience buying something and getting the correct change. So I waited and started reading the book while my daughter did her thing. I liked it enough to buy the book and read the whole thing between 1:30PM and 10:00PM. I don't think that I have ever done that before.

In any event, I recommend this book and suspect that I will want to find some more books about the Boer War for additional background to the book.


  1. Jim,
    Winston's The Malakand Field Force and The River War are exceedingly well-written and fascinating. I am currently reading Churchill's First War - Young Winston At War With The Afghans by Con Coughlin, first US edition in 2014. Cheers,

  2. I love it when a book grabs you like that. Churchill is always worth reading and reading about.

  3. Not sure if you use Kindle, but Churchill's "London to Ladysmith via Pretoria" is available for free from Amazon. I've read his books on the Malakand Field Force and the Sudan Campaign (also free on Amazon). Excellent books.