Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fife & Drum Hiatus for October 2016

The Fife & Drum and Minden companies will go on a month's hiatus for the entire month of October 2016. I will be on the Christopher Duffy tour of SYW battlefields for the first half of the month, and Mrs. Fritz does not plan to make any trips to the post office while I am gone. I plan to keep the business in hibernation for the rest of October so that I can catch a much needed break from the business side of things and recharge my batteries. I really really need this break.

Accordingly, if you need Fife & Drum or Minden figures before October, then I strongly suggest that you send in your orders before the close of this month. Otherwise, you will have to wait until November before I can ship any orders out.

I will leave the on-line shopping cart system active during my absence, but any orders received in the interim will probably not be shipped until early November.

During the interim period, I expect that we will have the greens completed for the SYW Russian infantry and I will post those on this blog when I get them.


  1. Jim, sounds like an exciting break with an excellent tour that should recharge the batteries, and provide inspiration for your future gaming and modelling. Enjoy!!

    My wife, son & I leave for a Lord of the Rings tour for several weeks in New Zealand on October 1, so October is apparently the month to recharge before the Christmas frenzy & festivities.

    Best wishes, Rohan

  2. Enjoy the tour and downtime, Jim!

    Best Regards,


  3. A SYW tour with Duffy? I am indeed jealous. Enjoy your break and hope you feel refreshed by the end of it.

  4. Have a great tour Jim and enjoy your break from the daily grind.

  5. Enjoy your break Jim. sounds like a good time will e had.