Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Small Action At Kuhstall - SYW Report

The Action at Kuhstall, October 1757

In October 1757, the Austrian general Andras Hadik was given the task of conducting a raid on Berlin to take advantage of the open route between two Prussian armies (Frederick's in Saxony prior to Rossbach and Bevern's army in Silesia). The raid was a success with the Austrians breaking into Berlin and leaving after being paid a handsome ransom by the Berliners. At the same time, Frederick sent numerous forces back towards his capital to both fend off the Austrian raid and to capture Hadik's corps.

In our scenario, Hans von Zieten is in charge of a Prussian flying column that has been tracking down Hadik, finally corning the Austrian raiders at a small hamlet called Kuhstall.
Prussian outpost finds Hadik's Austrians
Hadik's Austrian corps consists of the following elements:

3 battalions of Croats
1 Musketeer battalion
1 Grenadier battalion
2 x 3-pounders
1 Regiment of Hussars

Von Zieten's Prussian flying column consists of the following units:

1 battalion of rifle armed Jagers
2 battalions of musketeers
1 battalion of grenadiers
2 x 3-pounders
1 regiment of Hussars

Hadik organizes his troops into three lines of defense.
Hadik posted his forces on a low ridge line that intersected the road from Berlin to Kuhstall. He positioned two battalions of Croats forward of the ridge in two different battle lines. Their orders were to fire one volley at the Prussians and then retire to the second line. Repeat and then fall back up the ridge and rally behind the Austrian grenadiers and musketeers in the third battle line. A regiment of Austrian hussars (Baranyai Hussars) were posted out of sight behind the ridge. Finally, a third battalion of Croats was deployed on the Austrian right flank, hidden in the woods. The Austrian left flank was also anchored by a wooded area, but no troops were deployed here.

The Austrian third line was comprised of veteran grenadiers and musketeers, supported by two 3-pound cannon.

Hadik placed the Baranyai Hussars out of sight behind the ridge and behind the third battle line.

Zieten had driven his troops hard for two days, hoping to make up for lost time and to catch Hadik's raiding party before it could retreat to Saxony and safety. Hadik had a day's march on Zieten, but the Prussians managed to catch up with the Austrians, who were slowed down by the booty that they were carrying with them.

Zieten leads the Prussian Black Hussars to their opening position covering the Prussian right flank.

Zieten posted the Black Hussars on the right flank and the Jagers on the left flank. His best troops, the two battalions of the Winterfeld musketeer regiment and the Kremzow (17/22) Grenadier battalion were deployed in the center along with two small 3-pound cannon.

A view of the Prussian left (Jagers) and center (the IR1 Winterfeld Regiment of musketeers and the Kremzow Grenadier Battalion forming a second line reserve.

A view of the Prussian battle line after the deployment is set up and ready for the battle.

Once Zieten was satisfied with his troop deployment, he gave his infantry commander, Major General von Ingerleben, to commence the advance of the infantry in the center. The infantry would conduct a vigorous attack on the Austrian center, while the Black Hussars would remain in reserve and the Jagers would advance into the woods to protect the left flank of the Prussian musketeers.

I was able to play four game turns this evening and will post the report and pictures of the opening action tomorrow.


  1. Very nice and look forward to seeing how this action unfolds.

    1. Thank you Steve. Part II will be posted tonight as the action really begins to ramp up.

  2. Looks good, Jim! I find solo gaming quite enjoyable and promotes the building of a good BatRep.

    Waiting for more.

    1. I like to do solo games too. They give me an opportunity to test out rules and scenarios and also to get the troops out on the table once in awhile. Now that the SYWA convention is over, I can put a hold on painting and packing figures and just relax and enjoy the wargaming hobby for awhile.

  3. This is great, Jim. Besides being a fantastic looking game, I love playing battles of this scale with five or six units per side. There are enough troops to give some tactical options while allowing the game to play in a decent amount of time.

    I look forward to seeing more... makes me want to paint some SYW units...

  4. Fabulous looking set up Jim. I particularly love your Prussian Black Hussars. Look forward to the next part.....

  5. Miniatures, tabletop, terrain…it all looks wonderful, Jim!