Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Austrian Artillery

Austrian 3-pdr with limber and Austrian artillery train driver

As promised, here are some more pictures of the new Minden Austrian artillery equipment models. Note that we also have  two-wheel and 4-wheel ammunition wagons that are at Griffin Moulds waiting for the master and production moulds to be made.

The new product codes and prices are indicated below:

AE-033  Austrian 3-pounder  -- $6.00
AE-034  Austrian 6-pounder -- $6.00
AE-035  Austrian 7-pound howitzer -- $6.00
AE-036  Austrian 12-pounder -- $7.00
AE-037  Austrian Y-frame limber -- $5.00

And some recent additions that are available to help fill out your Austrian artillery train:

AE-030  Austrian artillery train drivers (2 figures) w/o horses -- $4.00
AE-031  Austrian artillery train driver and horse (1 of each)  -- $6.00

And of course, you will need Austrian artillery crew to man your guns:

MA-017  Austrian artillery crew (set of 4 figures with tools) -- $8.00
CIV-003  Civilian laborers in waistcoats - perfect for man handling your guns -- $8.00
CIV-002  Agricultural laborers (2 figures carrying ammo chest)  + 2 other figures -- $8.00

Austrian 3-pdr and limber

Austrian 12-pdr (L) and 7-pound howitzer (R)

Austrian 3-pdr (L) and 6-pounder (R)

As always, please click on the pictures to enlarge the view.


  1. Excellent models, Jim. I will be letting Santa know that some of these, with Cuirassiers du Roi, should fall into this year's stocking! Rohan.

  2. And I wished they were also in 40mm available. Little masterpieces, indeed!