Friday, October 18, 2013

Minden Inventory Arrives In the USA

Royal Ecossaises in French Service. Minden Miniatures from the collection of Charles S. Grant.

I have been busy unpacking five boxes full of metal castings that Frank Hammond shipped to me last week. There is a final shipment of three more boxes that are scheduled to arrive early next week. At this point in time, I have everything in stock NOW except for the British and Hanoverian infantry, the Prussian Personalities, and the French Hussars.

More Minden Miniatures from the Grant Collection. Click picture to enlarge.
So the Minden Store is open for business. For now, you will have to give me a description of what you want and the quantity, just like you did when you bought your figures from Frank. I am working on assigning product code numbers to every Minden figure in anticipation of building a web site with an on-line shopping cart capability. We hope to have the new web site completed by the end of November 2013, but in the interim, you can find the information that you need for ordering on the new Minden Miniatures with Fife & Drum blog.

Austrian Musketeers, work in progress Regiment Andlau, painted by Der Alte Fritz. click to enlarge.
Prussian Regiment von Winterfeldt

I hope that you enjoyed some of the eye candy that I have posted here today.


  1. Great looking troops, I do like the last picture, this Prussian regiment is really impressive!

  2. Great news & nice eye candy. An order is brewing. Cheers, Rohan.

  3. Sensory overload here. . . But in an extremely good way.

    Best Regards,


  4. All of Beerstein hopes your web site works better than the government Obamacare site and hopefully it will be less costly....