Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prussian Field Bakery

Prussian field bakery model by Ed Phillips. The lefthand oven is under construction while the right hadn oven is completed. From the collection of Randy F.

18th Century Field Bakery - built by Ed Phillips - from Der Alte Fritz's collection.

The field bakery with several Minden Pioneers to show the proportions.

Ed Phillips creates some wonderful life like models of Seven Years War era buildings and terrain pieces and while I have featured these models in some of my other blog posts, I thought that Ed deserved a shout out and recognition for his work. Ed usually brings a dozen or so different models to the annual SYW Assn. convention and they fly off the shelves like hot cakes!

Below is a picture of some drawings of Grunewald 30mm flats, sold through the Berlin Zinnfiguren store. The drawings give you an idea of the types of laborers and poses that you might want to have should you ever consider building your own field bakery model. Fortunately, Frank Hammond's Minden Miniatures range has a growing number of civilian figures that could be easily adapted to KP duty on  your table top.

Drawings of Grunewald Flats - Prussian Field Bakery

Here are some more of Ed's creations, these are in the collection of Randy F., who is one of our BAR group of table top generals. So we get to see these models frequent, tucked in the back corners of the table.
Field bakery is under construction. Model by Ed Phillips and figures are the Minden Miniatures Pioneers.
The armies of the period would haul the iron bands from camp site to camp site and construct a new field bakery on-site, making the bricks locally. The bands provide the framework for the brick oven.


  1. I can see why they get snapped up at the shows, they look wonderful.
    The backdrop of your town in picture three, is also very impressive.

  2. That is excellent work thank you for posting such beautiful workmanship

  3. This is excellent stuff - I want a Napoleonic one now!