Sunday, September 25, 2011

Old Glory AWI Sale & Clearout

Old Glory Continental firing line. Click to enlarge.

American Continental regiment - could be Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Old Glory figures painted by der Alte Fritz. (click to enlarge)

I have a ton of unpainted Old Glory AWI figures that I would like to sell in one batch, funds to be reinvested in moulds for my Fife & Drum range of figures. I have about 400 foot and 40 mounted figures for a grand total of $175.00.

I also have a diorama of 44 Continental foot and 2 mounted officer for sale. I painted these a long time ago for Old Glory to use as their convention display. I later bought back the display for $200. I'm willing to sell it for $150 plus postage. The figures could be easily popped off of the large base and rebased as either singles or multiple figures on separate stands. I could help the eventual buyer with this, if required.

Finally, I have a painted 40 man British regiment that I will sell for $2.50 per figure, or $100 for the regiment. They are not based so they could be mounted in any configuration that pleases you. These were painted for me by someone else, back when I collected AWI armies.

Here is what the lot of unpainted Old Glory figures includes:

I just did an inventory and I have 209 Continental foot and 20 mounted Continental generals and dragoons (10 each i think).

The British have 201 foot and 21 mounted generals (includes 10 dragoons)

So that is 410 foot and 41 mounted in total. I thinking about $0.40 per foot and $0.80 per mounted figure, which works out to $196.00 for the lot. I'd take $175.00 for the whole shebang + cost of postage.


5 x mtd personalities; 6 x mtd colonels
10 x Tarleton's Legion Dragoons mounted
9 x Tarleton's Legion foot
16 x Queens Rangers foot
11 x Front Rank brand dismounted dragoons (black primed)
43 x British line regt firing line poses in 2 ranks
36 x British Light Advancing
30 x British Light in cropped hat
24 x Grenadiers in bearskins
8 x Pioneers in bearskins
16 x Highlander foot
8 x British line regt advancing


31 x Continental firing line poses (kneeling and standing + command)
30 x Continental light infantry advancing - cap with front plate
30 x Continental line in trousers/bicornes
16 x Continental line marching - mixed head gear
33x Continental line advancing - floppy hats
50 x frontier militia (black primed)
30 x Minute Men advancing

8 x continental mounted dragoons
7 x continental personalities mounted
5 x mounted foreign generals

So that's the break down. My preference would be to sell the unpainted figures in one lot so that I don't have to hassle with sending small individual orders to lots of people.

Let me know if you are interested. There is enough to get a really good start on the AWI


Jim (Der Alte Fritz)

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