Saturday, April 16, 2011

RSM Austrian Units For Sale

Austrian Command Stand Featuring Marshal von Daun (center), a Front Rank figure and he is flanked by two Crusader figures, mounted and dismounted, as aides.

(don't worry, I have more items to sell in the future)

I was saving some of my RSM cavalry to use in my convention game that I was going to run at the SYWA meeting. They fit in nicely with the Minden figures so they would have saved me some time in building my Austrian cavalry force. Now that the convention is over, I can free these units for release to a new Inhaber or Erzherzog somewhere in Central Germany.

I am offering four RSM Austrian cavalry regiments (20 figures each) and two RSM Austrian infantry regiments (30 figures each). If anyone offers to buy the whole lot, I will add in the Marshal von Daun command stand for free. The cavalry contingent consists of two cuirassier regiments (Alt Modena in blue, and O'Donnell in red) and two dragoon regiments (Sachsen Gotha in red coats with light blue facings and Hesse Darmstadt in red coats with green facings).

The whole cavalry brigade. Click to enlarge. Cuirassiers were painted by Der Alte Fritz and the Dragoons were painted by Bill Biles.

The infantry consists of the Macguire regiment with red facings and the Wied regiment with green facings.

The cavalry regiments of 20 figures each are priced at $10.00 per figure or $200 per regiment. The infantry figures are priced at $6.00 per figure or $180.00 for each regiment. The total brigade would be$1,160.00 but I would offer the whole shebang for $1,000.00 plus the free Marshall Daun command stand.

Now for some pictures:

Alt Modena Cuirassiers - the only regiment that had blue facings.

The O'Donnell cuirassiers, in red facings.

The Wied-Runkel Austrian infantry regiment in light green facings.

A closer view of the command stand and the grenadier stand. Note how the musketeer pose has been converted into a standard bearer.

The MacGuire Austrian infantry regiment. I have six more figures that were not based at the time I took this picture - so there are 30 musketeers. No grenadiers, but if I can find some castings, I could paint them for you.

Take a close look at any of the pictures by clicking on the picture to enlarge the view. The proceeds of this sale are going to be reinvested in my Fife & Drum range of AWI figures.

If you have an interest in purchasing any or all of these figures, then send me an e-mail at:

altefritz1740 (at) yahoo (dot) com

and we can make the necessary arrangements to transfer these fine figures to your army.

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