Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

Well, my painting mojo may be coming back. This evening I completed 14 Suren SYW British that will join the rest of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, circa 1745. It was a hard slog for awhile, but I forced myself to keep attacking the figures and slowly but surely, they acquired paint. This brings the unit up to 40 figures, which is on the small side for our BAR games. I don't really look forward to having to assemble another 20 Surens plus 9 Suren grenadiers, but that is a task for another day.

I also primed 24 of the Minden Austrian cuirassiers tonight and I will probably start on them within the next day or so. Now these are figures that I know I will enjoy painting, so it is something to look forward to.

This coming saturday, we plan to recreate the battle of Minden to celebrate its 250th anniversary. It looks like the British get very little in the way of cavalry to face off against Bill's hordes of cuirassier-wearing cavalry. Steady lads, and aim low!


  1. Sir, perhaps what you need is some elephants and camels to spook the enemy's horsies.

    -- Jeff

    PS, Have fun and take lots of photos.

  2. "Some elephants and camels": indeed I remember Ionnis suggesting to field some jingal elephants and zamberk camels in Prussian service (a gift of the Sultan, as a token of anti-Empresses sympathy). Very Munchausenian -and, btw, how are progressing the Alt Hesse-Seewalder experiments with war balloons?

    The return of your painting mojo is indeed good news for all of us; then, what about a few Alt Hesse-Seewalders and the cavalry of Milady de Winter's Black Legion, as a refreshing, relaxing side trip?