Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Minden Samples on the Painting Table

Last night I primed six Minden Prussian figures that I had left over from my last order and I thought that I would paint some more Hesse Seewald samples this evening. If all goes well, I will post updated pictures later tonight or tomorrow.

There are so many butterflies flitting about, trying to capture my attention these days. I seem to go back and forth between Austrian cavalry and infantry, a few Prussians here and there, Hesse Seewald imaginary uniforms, 1806 French, some Seaforth Highlanders for India and a few other projects. I am trying to maintain the discipline to stick with the Austrians through the rest of December and January, but it can be hard with so many tempting figures to paint.


  1. Hi Jim,

    I believe this is what Brigadier Young and Colonel Lawford referred to, somewhere in the final pages of Charge!, as, "madness". But it's a pretty good kind of affliction to suffer from in my book. ;-)

    Best Regards,


  2. Postpone the rest, paint Hesse Seewald!!!! Huzzah!!

  3. Prinz Geoffrey has the right of it. Paint your Minden Hesse-Seewald troops . . . or if you are still waiting for them, some SYW Austrians.

    Forget the Nappies for that way lies madness. Remember, a tricorn keeps everything balanced.

    -- Jeff