Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On A Roll Again

Ye Olde Painting Brushe has gotten more of a work out lately as I switched back to painting SYW figures last week. I was in a bit of a painting slump lately, but figured that the men in tricorns would get me going again. That proved to be the case as I finished off a 60 figure battalion of IR18 Prinz von Preussen regiment over the weekend. The battalion is comprised of my own Potsdam Miniatures and they turned out rather nicely, if I do say so myself. And I do.

No pictures yet - I want to get them based and flagged before putting them in front of the camera. I am trying to get into the habit of terraining and basing new units immediately after finishing the paint job so that I do not end up having to base several hundred figures of backlog the night before the next wargame.

I also whipped out a 12 figure set of Baden Jagers for the Napoleonic wars, circa 1806-1807. These are the new Pontoonier Miniatures that I discovered at Historicon this year. All green and black with no other colors makes them a little bit dull in appearance, but the figures have nice animation and were fun to work with. I put the first layer of terraining on the bases last night (spackle compound and fine gravel). Tonight I will ink and dry brush the bases and then apply static grass the following evening. I am trying out this new method of basing, and while it looks good, it just isn't practicle for large 60 plus figure regiments on 20mm square bases. So when I get around to basing the 1806 French and Prussians, I will revert to my usual one-stop terraining process.


  1. Hello Jim,

    Glad to hear you are back in the painting swing. Eager to see some photos when the flags and basing are all done. Could you say a few more words about your Potsdam Miniatures? I'm not sure that I've ever seen any photos of them that I've been aware.

    Best Regards,


    Thanks also for you kind remarks over at my blog. I sure appreciate it.

  2. Yes, let us have some Potsdam photos by all means . . . and not just of the unit, let us have a few close-ups too, please.

    -- Jeff