Friday, March 7, 2008

30,000 Visits To Hesse Seewaldt

Minden Miniatures are so gorgeous that this picture is worth a second look. Unfortunately, they won't be engaged in the epic battle against Gallia tomorrow because I haven't painted the standard bearers yet. This is just half of a 60 figure battalion of IR34.

The Alte Fritz Journal reached a milestone of sorts when it topped 30,000 cumulative visitors to the site on March 4th, 2008. I am honored that so many of you take the time to pay regular visits to this site and want to thank everyone for helping to make this endeavor so much fun.

I spent a good part of the evening breaking Der Alte Fritz's Number One Rule of Wargaming: never, ever base or paint figures for a game the night before said game. I am traveling north to Brown Deer, Wisconsin to play in a BAR wargame on Saturday and it occurred to me that I had not terrained the bases of the third squadron of the Prussian Garde du Corps. Arrgghhh!!! Well, I just had to spackle the bases and add a bit of flock and sisal grass to make them presentable for the game. Besides, the prospect of an upcoming game concentrates one's mind wonderfully and I finished the basing in less than an hour. So the Garde du Corps, two Prussian command stands, and the Stadden AWI artillery crew are now based and ready to make life difficult for the Gallians.

I couldn't seem to stop myself at that point. I had a Foundry cuirassier officer in his galarock (coat) and I just had to have one of these fellows in the Garde du Corps. So I painted him and based him as well. Pictures tomorrow, I hope. I plugged in the digital camera so that the battery is recharged and I'm looking forward to a fun game and the taking of lots of pictures.


  1. Jim,

    Your IR34 Mindens look wonderful. Are you going to get some of his Austrians?

    I will look forward to seeing the pictures of your battle with Bill.

    -- Jeff

  2. Congratulations on reaching such a magnificent milestone! I'm happy to revisit your blog often as there's always something of interest to see and read. Here's to the next 30,000 =)

  3. The figure on extreme left (with pike, pointing) strikes me as absolutely perfect.

  4. Yes, I plan to buy some of the Minden Austrians. I'm thinking that at least two battalions of 60 would be nice. Maybe more.

  5. Congratulations Jim!

    Best Regards,


  6. Jim
    Congrats on 30,000 not out! Keep up the good work!
    best wishes