Friday, October 19, 2007

Preisserstadt Summary

My how the time flies -- this time last week we were setting up the wargame table for the Big Game and everything seemed to harried and hectic. Now that a week has passed, I'm starting to recover from the inevitable post-game depression or burnout that often seems to accompany such games. I cleaned and primed a new batch of figures last night and will probably make my way back to the painting table over the weekend - I can't tell you what is next on the painting schedule because there are Gallian spies lurking everywhere. I want to have a few surprises for them at the next battle on November 3rd at the Rock Con convention.

So how did the battle of Preisserstadt turn out, you might ask. Regretfully, I had to award a victory to the Gallians (French) on victory points. It seems that Milady de Winter's spy network furnished Der Erbprinz with the wrong set of maps, and as a result, he made no effort to defend the Jungwald on the left flank or contest the Heydewald on the right flank. Hesse Seewald troops were within inches of both terrain objects but had departed them on the last turn. I was working off of an old map and didn't realize that the newer map assigned terrain points to these woods. That turned out to be the difference in the points. The Gallians lost more men, roughly 40% of their forces compared to 35% for the Hesse Seewald army. However, the Gallians had 2 captured flags compared to 1 for the Good Guys so that gave the fleur de lys an extra point. They also had one less route during the game. So Gallia ended up winning by one point. Congratulations to the Gallians, Russie, Imperiums and other Allies and players. Well done!

Both Chevert and Der Erbprinz agreed that Preisserstadt had a sort of Zorndorf feel to it, with both sides battered bloody and senseless while neither side had any tactical advantage at the end of the game. So Der Erbprinz is falling back towards Hesse Kassel via Paderborn and Marburg, where he will regroup and refit his army for the next battle. The Gallians were last seen retiring towards their supply depot at Cologne. More later...


  1. Thanks again for the game, Jim. The experience has made me want to build bigger battalions!


  2. Ah the post-game depression... I know it.... and the only cure is a new project so... forwards with your good job

  3. As ever your blog is inspiring and encourages us in the UK to see what we can do...

  4. Sir,

    If we here in the Republic of Texas can only achieve a modicum of your success next year we will truly be overjoyed! You and your "Band of Merry Men" are an inspiration to us all, whether in the UK or along the former Comanche Trail. Good show!

    Sir William

  5. Hi. Can you send me a private email at NEVINSRIP@AOL.COM. I have several questions to ask you concerning those Firing Line AWI Dragoons. I just got a bunch and could use some help on various headgear questions, if you wouldn't mind. Thanks....Bill