Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Return of the Black Legion

Black Scorpion "Marines" from the Pirate Range painted as the personal bodyguard of Milday de Winter. Colonel Bauer (left foreground) is from the Foundry Highwaymen pack, the black coach is from Redoubt's ECW range, and Herself is a Suren figure.

(click the pictures, if you dare, to enlarge the view)

I first introduced the dreaded Black Legion of Milady de Winter in my post dated October 23, 2008 and I invite everyone to check the archives for the background to this unit. I was at scrolling through the net when I happened upon these figures from Black Scorpion, which are supposed to be British Marines in red coats and thought that they would be perfect to play the role of Milady de Winter's personal guard. Their uniforms are loosely based on those of the Favrat Freikorps in Prussian service (black coats, straw small clothes, red facings).

Herself takes no chances when she is bounding around Europe, which can be a very dangerous place for a lady in the mid 18th Century, so where ever she goes, she is escorted by three companies of her black clad bodyguards.

The Black Legion form a firing line in convention three ranks.

The Black Legion recruits are soldiers of fortune and other naer-do-wells who would gladly sell their services to the highest bidder. Most of them have prior military experience in the various armies of mid-18th Century Europe, so they know what they are doing and they are very loyal to their employer. Nobody really knows of the existence of Milady de Winter, so she employs the evil Colonel Bauer as the commander of her guard. Bauer is, in effect, the front person that the rest of the world sees. When the Black Legion strikes, perhaps to raid a village, kidnap an unfortunate victim, blow up ships in certain harbors, then it is the foreboding Colonel Bauer that the public sees.

Occaisionally, it suits Milady's purposes to conduct affairs of intrigue and espionage without attribution. For this purpose, she employs a hired band of irregular cut throats, also decked out in black, known as The Regulators.

Colonel Bauer (mounted) and his Regulators (Black Scorpion "Privateers").

Do you need to have someone "disappear" permanently, some information to be "coerced" from an unwilling informant, or other dark deeds of that ilk? Then the Regulators are at your service. I have heard that there is no deed too dastardly for them to do.

Here is a close-up of Colonel Bauer (right) and Herself (left)

Some would say that Milady de Winter is in the employ of the King of Prussia. That may or may not be true. It is my understanding that Milady has her own agenda to follow, and it just happens to coincide with that of King Friedrich, for the time being. However, evil can not be neatly classified and contained and I have no doubt that we shall see this dark woman again and again.


  1. A working hypothesis endvisaged by the very, very few here in the Presipapal Palace that know of Milady de Winter, is that her main employer has means to keep her under pressure and control.
    Milady de Winter is seen as a very enterprising free lancer indeed, but with a weak point -maybe a son kept hostage?- allowing a Major Power to whistle for her and put her back on a leash every time her peculiar talents are of use.
    Muddy waters, evidence is sparse and so easily misinterpreted, disinformation common practice...

    A fascinating character anyway - and a fearsome private warband.

  2. "No deed too dastardly for them to do" . . . that makes one suspect that the Lady de Winter recruits her Regulators from vile Stagonia.

    Where were they when Koenig Maurice "committed suicide" in such a unique way?

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

    PS, all of the figures look GREAT!

  3. Rumors abound that the Regulaors had something to do with the demise of Koenig Maurice, the burning of the Gallian ship in Tradgardland harbor, and the death of Duke Otto. Who really knows for certain? Those who do know are either dead or are not telling.

  4. Nice job, I like the Lady model very much also. How do you ever have the time to paint so much?

  5. In this trade, flattering rumors are free advertisements. If they credit you with someone else's deeds, you are not really expected to broadcast an official clarification, and the wronged authors are unlikely to bring a suit against you...
    Then, competition is a harsh mistress, and they may wish to prove directly that they best you at the assassination game...

  6. Who makes the female rider/Lady de Winter figure?

    Excellent collection, DAF.

    Brendan Morrissey

  7. Excellent painting and background, as usual!
    Ah, so that's Bauer (he bears some resemblance - if darker - to the Dennis Moore of the Soweiter League - see - although Amanda looks like she would fit in better with your "merry band" of cutthroats - lol).

  8. The female rider is a Suren figure and she sits on an Elite Miniatures horse. You can find her in the listings of 18th century figures. There is also a woman "a la hussar" in hussar pelisse and busby.

  9. Loevly stuff, I'm sure they'll get up to no godd both on and off the battlefield.

    -- Allan

  10. Thanks for the info on the female figure.