Monday, December 29, 2008

And the Winner is: Minden Miniatures!

Minden Miniatures SYW Prussian Mounted Colonel - painted by Ioannis. Picture courtesy of Ioannis and Frank Hammond's Minden Miniatures web site.

The Herzog George Ludwig I has reviewed a number of candidates to fulfill the role of Chief Tailor to the Court of Hesse Seewald. There were many qualified applicants, including Crusader, Stadden, Suren , my own Potsdam Miniatures and Perry, among others. Georg Ludwig has made his decision and has decided that Minden Miniatures will receive the Special Appointment of the Court to outfit his army.

The figures evoke the style of two of my favorite 18th Century miniatures ranges: RSM and Stadden. The Minden range will be more comprehensive in terms of the availability of officers, NCOs, musicians, flag bearers, etc. Furthermore, it will cover all arms completely, from infantry to cavalry to artillery. In addition, I believe that sculptor Richard Ansell has really done a remarkable job in capturing the Stadden look, only updating the style with the level of detail that we all have come to expect with today's miniatures. These figures represent the best of both worlds.

But the bottom line is that I simply think that these are the best Seven Years War range of figures on the market, and so I am happy to support Frank and the fine work done by sculptor Richard Ansell. For more information about this wonderful range of figures, click on the following link:

With that in mind, I placed an order for the first two battalions of the new Hesse Seewald army this afternoon. The infantry battalions will feature 48 figures plus two standard bearers and a mounted officer. Every battalion is going to have its own regimental 3-pounder or 7-pound haubitz. For artillery pieces, I will probably use the Berlin Zinnfiguren range which are sized to fit the remarkable Minden figures.

Some Minden Austrians painted as the De Ligne Regiment, from Frank Hammond's collection. Photo courtesy of Frank.

I have a little bit of catching up to do first. Since I have the Minden Bug, I hauled out the 60 figure battalion of Minden Austrians that I ordered earlier in the year. I am preparing them for priming by giving them a rinse in rubbing alcohol, then filing the underside of the base with a quick swipe of a file. Then I will glue them onto American penny coins so that they gain a couple more centimeters in height (this visually tricks the eye into thinking that they are the same height as some of my other chunkier figures in my SYW armies).

I am looking forward to getting the first batch of 30 Minden Austrians primed and ready to paint. What a great way to start off the new year.


  1. The Mindens are indeed lovely figures. I'm primarily using RSM (my finances are limited), but I do have some Mindens and will probably get more.

    I've used pennies before . . . and I've noticed a tendency for the edges to wear through the paint. I'm thinking of perhaps adding a coat of white glue to them before painting to overcome this.

    -- Jeff

  2. The pennies are primed along with the figures (at the same time) which helps to hide them. I then glue the pennies onto square metal bases. Also, they get covered with gobs of spackel compound when I terrain the bases. No problems so far.

  3. Fritz,
    How do Minden figures compare in size to Old Glory? I've been inspired by your large battalions, but the thought of remounting and painting new facings is just too daunting. It may be easier to just create a new army from scratch...Bill

  4. From my memory, the OG and Minden are probably comparable in height, but the OG will look bigger because they are chunkier/thicker than the slender Mindens. It's like comparing RSM figures to OG. Minden and RSM are very similar in height and appearance, in fact the two match nicely.

  5. Hello Jim,

    Your Hesse-Seewald/Minden plans are making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! I can't wait for you to begin!

    Best Regards,


  6. Congratulations on catching the Minden bug! Once you've got one in your hand, it just seems to follow that they become the figure of choice. I'm sure your new army will look great.

    Interesting, isn't it, that the Ozzie project to produce a Hanoverian army, which I know you are keeping an eye on, is basically using Minden figures as the benchmark - and rightly so.

    Best wishes for the New Year and may you continue to inspire us more sluggardly painters to get on with it.


  7. Ahhhh.... Mindens, if only they were priced the same as the RSM range then it would be no contest! The de Ligne NCO is a delightful piece of work. As I happen to be researching the Austrian army for both the WAS and the SYW periods, a couple of apparent anomalies caught my eye. Ever watchful for unit idiosyncrasies, would you kindly comment on the following: 1. missing are the rectangular rose tabs on the turnbacks and the distinctive fringed rose shoulder strap, though this latter feature may not be a feature required except for the private soldier.
    2. Most sources indicate 1 + 6 buttons on the lapels: are the 10 on this man's lapels a 'distinction' worn by de Ligne NCO's?

    Best regards,

    Grosser Kurf├╝rst
    Daub und Wattle