Friday, January 27, 2017

More Items for Sale

15mm Old Glory SYW Austrian and Prussian army set.

I have an army of 353 15mm Austrians and Prussians for the Seven Years War for sale. I believe that they are mostly Old Glory figures. The price $115.00 for the lot, plus postage. SOLD! I would rate them as average war-game standard painted figures, but at 33-cents per figure for painted figures, it is not a bad way to start a 15mm SYW army.

The lot includes 2 x Hungarian musketeers (30 figures per battalion), 5 Austrian battalions (30 per battalion), 4 Prussian battalions (24 figures per battalion), 5 Austrian cannon, 2 mounted Austrian officers, and 23 Prussian cuirassiers.

One of the Austrian battalions.

More Austrians close up.

Four battalions of Prussians.
UPDATE ON THE Foundry Figure Sale

A fair number of the lots have been sold, but there are still some good bargains left and I have decided to reduce the prices further because I need to clear them out to make room for my growing Minden inventory .

LOT 2: 24 Russian artillery crew and 2 heavy cannon. Was $49, now $39 for the lot plus postage.

LOT 3: 28 Russian Guard Grenadiers. Was $41, now $35 for the lot plus postage.

LOT 6: Observation Corps Musketeers (22 figures) Was $25, now $19 for the lot plus postage.

LOT 7: Russian Musketeers. (21 figures) Was $20, now $18 for the lot plus postage.

LOT 8: Russian Grenadiers (26 figures) Was $25, now $20 SOLD! plus postage.

Future Sale Lots: stay tuned to check out more clearance deals on my excess 28mm Foundry, RSM and Crusader figures in the coming days. I gotta move em out now to make room for the Minden parts bins that I'm setting up in the Closet O' Lead.



  1. Jim, I am interested in your 15mm SYW figures if they aren't already spoken for. I am in California.

    1. Duke: they are yours. Contact me via email at and we can arrange the shipping details.


  2. took all of 12 minutes to sell them looks like! Heck, had I known, I'da bought'em!