Monday, February 13, 2017

Diesbach Regiment in French Service

Swiss Diesbach Regiment - Minden Miniatures. Click to enlarge.

The other day I received a package of figures from Leuthen Studios, containing a 30-figure battalion of the Swiss Diesbach regiment in French service during the SYW. I am very pleased with the brushwork provided by Ioannis' team of painters and hope to get the full battalion based and flagged soon so that I can show you pictures of the unit in full fig, ready to go.

It looks like I will be adding a SYW French army to my collection. My only other unit is the Cuirassiers du Roi, but that is certain to change during 2017.

Toy Soldier News

A couple of weeks ago I attended a "trunk show" hosted by Treefrog Treasures. The show was in a nearby town so I decided to drop in and see what was new in the toy soldier realm.

I purchased the Rolls Royce armoured car, shown below, not because I'm planning on gaming WW1 in the desert, but rather, the model was just too darn beautiful to pass up. This is one of those things where you just know that if you don't buy it now, it will be gone when you have made up your mind that you want it, only to find that someone else purchased the model.

I have added a Trophy Indian Sikh figure and a palm tree to provided some perspective on the size of the vehicle. I really like this model and it will go on display in one of my library shelves. It will never be in a wargame though.

Rolls Royce armored car, WW1 desert campaigns, from John Jenkins Design. Click to enlarge.

I found a long lost box of Trophy 54mm Pathans last week whilst doing some clean up in the Closet O' Lead (moving things out of the shelves so that I could put plastic parts bins on all of my shelves to hold the excess Minden and Fife & Drum stock).

I had given the Pathans up as a lost box of figures. I knew that I had them a long time ago, but could never find the box that they were stored in from my last house move 12 years ago.

Trophy 54mm Pathans, returned from the Land of the Lost. Click to enlarge.
Next Toy Soldier Game on February 23rd at Chez Protz

Bill and I decided that we should have a smaller Sudan game with our toy soldiers on a week night. So on a Thursday afternoon, I will pack up a square of Highlanders (which have never played in any of our wargames with toy soldiers ) and a hoard of Dervish and make the one hour drive to Chez Protz, where we will have a smaller game played on a larger table. It should be a lot of fun. As I understand it, the British army contingent will be providing protection for a gang of railroad track layers - this will allow us to use Bill's model railroad set up as part of the wargame. Yikes! I am looking forward to this game very much.


  1. Wonderful uniform and paintjob on the Swiss Diesbach Regiment...and this Rolls Royce armored car is amzing!

  2. Swiss Diesbach - Excellent
      work! Congratulations!

  3. Interesting things happening there in your neck of the woods it looks like. The Diesbach Regt. has always been a favorite and on the long-term mental list of possible future units to add to my own collection. Eager to see yours once flagged and based. Very pretty figures in any case.

    Best Regards,


  4. The Roller is classic ! The French are simply wonderful, but they're French;-)

  5. The Swiss are expertly painted. Marvelous! The RR is a great looking model. I think you ought to start a WWI project just to get this onto the gaming table.

    1. Starting a new 54mm period for wargaming would be very expensive, so no WW1 for me. 😳