Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Foundry Russain Observation Corps Musketeers

I am doing a bit of cleaning up in the Closet O' Lead and have a number of SYW Foundry Russians, both painted and unpainted, that I would like to sell off at low prices. All prices for all lots of figures do not reflect the actual postage or Paypal fees, which will be added to the total cost.

First come, first serve which means actual receipt of payment via Paypal.

Contact me at: if you have any questions or wish to purchase any of the lots.

Foundry Russian Observation Corps Grenadiers
LOT 1: The set of painted figures includes 60 foot and 2 mounted officers for $175.00 (price reduced to $150.00) for the whole lot plus applicable postage. That is less than $2.50 per figure for painted Foundry figures. You would probably have to pay that amount just to buy the unpainted metal figures. These are priced to sell! SOLD

LOT 2: The next several lots are for unpainted Foundry figures for the SYW Russian army. There are 24 Russian artillery crew and two 12-pounders. The whole lot (I will not break the lot up) is available for $49.00 plus postage.

Foundry Russian Artillery Crew and two 12-pounder cannon.
LOT 3: The next lot is a group of Russian Guard Grenadiers, 28 figures in all. This is available for the rock low price of $41.00 plus applicable postage.

Foundry Russian Foot Guards.

LOT 4: Four packs of Foundry Russian Dragoons (4-charging; 1-shouldered sword; 1-command; 1-dragoon characters) for a total of 21 mounted Russian Dragoons. $49.00 for the lot.SOLD
Foundry Russian SYW Dragoons

LOT 5: Dismounted Russian Dragoons; 2 packs with 10 figures and one householder with horse.  $20.00 for the lot. SOLD.

Foundry SYW Russian Dismounted Dragoons

LOT 6: Observation Corps Musketeers. These would go along great with the painted ObCorps figures is you wanted to increase the size of the musketeer battalion. Three packs of figures include: 1 x command (6), 1 x musketeers firing (8) and 1 x musketeers advancing (8). Total of 22 figures for $25.00 for the lot.

Foundry SYW Russian Observation Corps Musketeers.

LOT 7: Russian Musketeers unboxed/unblistered total of 21 figures: 10 musketeers, 5 standard bearers, 1 fifer, 3 officers taking snuff, and 1 general wiping his brow with hat in hand. $20.00 for the lot.

Russian Musketeers: top row left 4 officers with snuff and 1 general; top row right 5 musketeers wearing hats; bottom row left 4 standard bearers, bottom row center one fifer and one NCO with musket, and bottom row right 4 musketeers without hats.
LOT 8: Russian line grenadiers in four blister packs. 1 x command in capes (6), 1 x grenadiers in capes (8), 1 x Observation Corps grenadier characters (6), 1 x Grenadiers in uniform coat (8). That is 26 figures in total for $25.00 for the lot.

Observation Corps grenadiers:2 in capes and 2 without capes.

LOT 9: Foundry Prussian Dragoons Charging: 4 blister packs of mounted dragoons or 12 in total and 1 blister of dismounted dragoons (6 total). $49.00 for the lot SOLD.

Foundry Prussian Dragoons for the SYW


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  1. Hi Jim, Todd Prochniak in Green Bay here. Are the 15mm Austrians still available, very interested in them.