Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fife & Drum Continentals

I have been working on a unit of Continentals in brown coats with white facings, and they really turned out nice! I almost like them better than the unit in the traditional blue coats with red facings. I will post pix this weekend, but wanted to provide a quick update. The painting mojo seems to be coming back. It's a good thing.

Next on the table: several companies of British Guards for the AWI, at least I want to think that they are next. I had a couple extra Continentals and started painting them as the 3rd Pennsylvania regiment (buff or tan breeches/white waistcoat/brown coat with green facings and red lace on the button holes). I finally found a color that I like for the traditional "Continental Tan" that many regiments (or at least the senior officers) wore. It is Howard Hues "Geo Hex Tan". However, I may have to mix my own highlight color, but now that I have the shade that I like, mixing the highlight is easy peasy.

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