Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Minden Painted Hanoverian Musketeers


I was scrolling through some of my pictures of painted Minden figures and found these two photos of some Minden  Hanoverian musketeers. The figures were painted by Michael S. from Germany on commission for another collector. I think that they are from the Hardenberg regiment.

I don’t have armies for the Seven Years War in western Germany, but seeing these beauties does make it tempting to start Hanoverian and French armies.


  1. I completely agree! The detail on these Minden Hanoverians is phenominal. They are one of my all time favorite sculpts, and once I receive my recent Black Friday Sale order I'll have three battalions to paint up. Apparently Flags of War have plans to release a series of Hanoverian Flags (regiments at Fontenoy), and I have been waiting for them to be released but have not seen any sign of them as yet. I think that they would make a fantastic pairing!

  2. Super painting, they are top notch. I have a couple of units of Hanoverians painted up and also some cavalry in the to do pile, they are cracking miniatures.

  3. Those are splendid figures! I have plans for a small Hanovarian contingent. One day...