Monday, August 7, 2023

The Start of a New Roman Legion


The new unit of the Green Shield Legion - the Hastatii of 32 figures.

Last week I completed the painting of 32 Roman Hastatii for my Punic Wars Project. Note the capital "P" in the word "Project". This means that the project is official, up and running.

My Punic War Project Roman army is comprised of Legions of 102 figures: 16 Velite light infantry, 32 Hastatii first line, 32 Princeps second line, and 32 Triarii third line of battle. Each legion will have its own unique shield color so that I can tell them apart on the Field of Mars. To date, I have completed the Red Shield and Yellow Shield legions and my project plan is to add two more legions (green and white shields) to my 54mm Republican Roman army.

So to start the new Green Shield legion I have begun with the Hastatii unit of 32 figures. During the 2nd Punic War, the Roman legions were comprised of four elements which essentially were deployed in a battle line of the four units deep. The Velites were the light infantry component and they would screen the main battle line of the Roman legion. Next were the Hastatii who represented the first line of formed troops in the Roman order of battle. Posted behind the Hastatii were the Princeps, who were similar to the Hastatii, but had more experience and could afford better weapons and armor. The third line of battle were the Triarii, who were the veterans that were well armed and wore chainmail protection.

Close up view of the green shields of the new Hastatii unit.

Once I have my three or four Roman legions, they will form up into three lines of battle and have their collective Velites out in front to screen the main line of battle.



  1. They look great and nice to see you have decided upon your next project:).

  2. Wonderfully painted figures, thanks for sharing.